my first attempts make rims.

Author: FJ
3d Models From FM3 ripped by Riva.
No bugs found.
Need to know.
Both rims are single size
Drag rim is 15x15
konig rim is 19x11
Pro7 for teaching me how to convert a rim (thx teacher :D )

PLS give a comment what do u think about them :)
1.   Posted by Daniel   2012-12-23 22:03    

IMO those arent very good..

But congrats on first convert :)

2.   Posted by Pro7   2012-12-24 13:00    

still you need to learn how to weld and smooth.. ;)

3.   Posted by molter92   2013-01-31 10:28    

Nice great job!! it's realy nice on my drag charger:DDDD

4.   Posted by jounier11   2013-02-17 20:44    

Nice job bro :D

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