My very precious rimpack release just for you guys! :D
Merry XMAS to all of you and enjoy.. :D
1.   Posted by Makedonija   2012-12-24 23:54    

Na zdravje.Neka ti e srekna i tebe,pa se poveke da kreiras modovi. :D

2.   Posted by Pro7   2012-12-24 23:58    

Hvala bato.. :D

3.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2012-12-25 00:49    

sick job bro! :awesome:

4.   Posted by Pro7   2012-12-25 01:40    

tnx.. :D

5.   Posted by Pro7   2012-12-25 01:42    

o ye, i forgot to mention, all the rims that have black color on itself, are paintable.. ;)

6.   Posted by FJ   2012-12-25 07:10    

awesome pro :) Merry christmas to you.

7.   Posted by Klonjara   2012-12-25 23:10    

Sretan Božić brate, i ako može neke hr tablice koje sam slučajno vidio :D

8.   Posted by PXRZ   2012-12-26 19:05    

@Bigg Boss Could you maybe remake your Golf MK2 so there is both detachable and aftermarket quarterpanels some time if you are going to?

9.   Posted by eddie   2013-01-07 09:47    

Odlicno :D

10.   Posted by bbbmarko01   2013-02-01 21:36    

Svaka cast majstore :)

11.   Posted by Pro7   2013-02-05 18:35    

Hvala svima, radim ono što znam. :D Tnx everyone, im doing my best. :D

12.   Posted by ZorbeZorbic99   2013-02-18 17:27    

Extra odradjeno svaka cast,jesi pravio neke automobile? :awesome:

13.   Posted by Pro7   2013-03-02 00:49    

Jesam, i oni su isto dostupni za download. ;)

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