Mazda rx7 FB 1985

So this is my 1st actual project for SLRR
A 1985 Mazda rx7 FB

The car has a few bugs:
- Only some parts are detachable.
- Slrr editor doesn't work with it (no idea why).
- Comes without rims from catalog.
- Some texture errors here and there.

Big thanks to:
- Pro7 for teaching and helping me texture the car.
- BiggBoss93 for helping me with max
- Mario for teaching me how to work with rpks/cfgs/javas and all the rest

It should work on 2.2.1MWM and LE2MWM
1.   Posted by Rick93   2013-02-06 12:51    

SLRR Editor doesn't work on this car because in "_main_85rx7.cfg" file, you go to the engine section and this appears:

If you remove this part of code and save, you are able to use SLRR Editor ... Works in every car.

2.   Posted by Kaoru   2013-02-06 14:39    

Haha that fixed it. Thanks Razor.

3.   Posted by PXRZ   2013-02-06 16:13    

Pretty poor on parts but I like it

4.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-02-06 19:16    

cut some slack! great work rokus! :) keep it going and you'll get to the top, well done on starting it too!

5.   Posted by blast   2013-02-06 19:32    

Thank you for not putting it in the darkside.

6.   Posted by Kaoru   2013-02-06 19:56    

@PXRS: i will detach it further but i still don't know how to add custom parts
@JC: thanks and ill try to do it better next time
@Blast: it's too crappy to go to DS

7.   Posted by stance666   2013-02-07 08:54    

It's awesome!

8.   Posted by Vygantuxas   2013-02-07 14:50    

Nice Job on your first car, Rokus ;)

9.   Posted by PXRZ   2013-02-09 00:52    

If you stick a 13B Wankel engine into the FB3s then you got yourselves a pure drift car.

10.   Posted by Harleyjace   2013-02-27 06:03    

I cannot get this to work, everytime I try to run the game with it installed comes up with - Unregistrable node: cars\racers\Mazda85rx7.rpk:0000013D (invalid parent parts.rpk:000000BE)

any help?

11.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-03-15 04:26    

This is nice, but the chassis number is SA22C, NOT FB3S... just a little common sense of classic Japanese cars.

12.   Posted by iku   2013-04-18 10:20    

well, i have two fb's in here europe '83 and '85 models. SA22's are about the first series. anyways love to see one here :-X

13.   Posted by Frostyfox   2014-03-06 09:59    

cant wait to see this expand ! <3 :awesome:

14.   Posted by dxg1997   2014-12-29 22:29    

This... Looks... Awesome... Any progress on it recently?

15.   Posted by vladkrug98   2017-08-28 17:59    

too bad that it doesnt work on 2.3.1.

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