1.   Posted by FJ   2013-03-24 16:26    

a little info about this engine
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_CHT_engine :troll:
i tried that engine in game and it looks cool

2.   Posted by Wh0?   2013-03-24 20:59    

thats nice engine :)
works perfect on le2mwm

3.   Posted by KickButtowski   2013-10-07 04:26    

The RaceMaster is BrCrew now.. On SLRRBrasil has more new mods how Ford Landau, Chevrolet Omega CD, Volkswagen Fox converted by BrCrew.
The CHT was the second engine mod of group. My uncle had a car that has this engine... 1980 Ford Belina 1.6L...
The CHT was very economy engine for the year. 14km/l with ethanol on Ford Belina/Corcel. This engine'as used on Volkswagen Gol Gen1 (1989-1994). The versions'as CL AE1000 (CHT 1.0 50hp) and CL 1.6 (CHT 1.6 - This was the very economy car of country on '90 years, with 17km/l I think).
I like very much this engine. I made the sound with my mouth xD. (The FiveTech too)
So the 3D CHT's lookvast, scripted and noise by me.
I hoope you like this. :D

4.   Posted by JDM1999 (DIRTYTIGER763   2015-10-20 05:00    

Just came to say nice detail

5.   Posted by RUKA998   2019-06-11 07:39    

Espero encontrar alguna vez el motor que usaron de base, el original de Renault el Cleon-Fonte.. Buen motor varillero. en argentina el CHT equipado en unidades Gol de Brasil fue reemplazado por el AP1600 (EA827) de Volkswagen al comenzar su produccion del Gol en dicho pais...

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