This is Ferrari 458 V2

Special thanks to
Original Author Turn10 Studio
- Ea - Sound;
- Turn10 Studio - for body, dash;
- Krom - for his WR tools;

World racing2 Specs:
-Class: 103(Super Cars)
-MenuClassID: 209(Ferrari)
-Sound: ID(43)
-Points: 1416

This car is open and everyone car modify it or put it on every site they want.All i did is for fun.If something is free it can't be stolen.Let's it be free.

My Email is
1.   Posted by ThaGhost   2015-01-06 02:28    

It's a .exe... how do I get the .rpk and data???

2.   Posted by Automotive Gaming   2015-03-29 16:03    

Lmao, this is for World Racing 2 not SLRR.

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