1.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-13 11:26    

you need to be stupid to race in street.. i wouldn't do that.. simple.. want speed go to track.. simple really.. why risk it?

2.   Posted by Hudas   2010-05-13 15:03    

keep it safe, but seriously i hate them for crushing people's dreams and work...

3.   Posted by k0k14a   2010-05-14 12:31    

Hudas is right.This is unfair .Ok it's dangerous but kome on why crash the people cars....

4.   Posted by Mr.Drifter   2010-05-14 12:41    

agree with k0k14a that just stupid to crush peples cars..

5.   Posted by Robbin Hoodz   2010-05-14 16:34    

convertible and soil ...

Poor car ...

6.   Posted by Chris   2010-05-14 19:38    

atleast take the rims off lol

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