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So i decided to share my little hobby with you guys. Everthing started like 6 months ago when i decided to drift an old Rc porsche that i had bought years ago and never gave he the real attention that he deserved but a day i decided to put the thing to run from there everthing was basicaly the driftcar cycle ( Build it,drift it,break it, fix it...repeat) but for now the porsche is stopped because i am a broke highscool student and aliexpress complete inneficient deliver system.
But a few days ago i found a box with lots of old rc broken cars and decided to build one by one because i got some realy nice shells and some cool spare parts.

Later when my camera charge i will post everthing i have (wich is almost nothing).

Now i am working on this old 512Tr in the 1/24 scale that i won when i was a baby. The goal for she will be an complete white body+an nice cheap chassis that i am still chossing. for now is just sanding to remove the plastic mold failures and have a little more realistc final product.

Repair on the line that the mold made.

And now the other side wich i sanded to remove that ugly line. Way better

The sanding looks so bad because i did the first pass on 220 grit sandpaper and now i am going 400-600 and maybe 800 so when i primer it the surfaces are pretty even.

Sorry for the pics they were shoot with my shitty moto E camera because my real photography camera was charging.
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