89036.   BigSmoke   2019-09-02 10:28

Hi alive I'm d(e)ad

89041.   BLiTZ   2019-09-03 11:39

Welcome to eastern europe.Hit a pothole so hard my fucking fuel line popped :))

89044.   BigSmoke   2019-09-03 12:08

Was it ultra deep, or you hit it at speed, or both?

89046.   Hisao_Nakaii   2019-09-03 17:38

so, EA just signed their death warrant.

they are putting the head honcho of FIFA as the head honcho for Battlefield, NFS, and many other games.

89047.   Porsche911man   2019-09-03 18:39

Not good

89048.   Porsche911man   2019-09-03 18:40

Especially when NFS was actually improving

89049.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-03 19:01

lamp this kid exposed himself about infinite modder on GTA V.


89050.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-03 19:01


Why autocorrect...

89052.   BLiTZ   2019-09-03 19:41

@big smoke
basically they didn't level the fresh asphalt properly and there was a huge height difference(to be more precise like a tall speedbumper or a medium height sidewalk).The problem was that i was doing about 110ish because that course gets closed for rally and its a technical section of a mountain pass.So it felt like I just fucked my car sideways with a sledgehammer and what do you know the next morning,both my front tires went flat.I hit the bump so hard the tire managed to slip off the rim but held enough for me to get home (like 20-30 mins).10 minutes in, the steering wheel started getting shaky and I was like "ay pizdec this is how I die".

89053.   BLiTZ   2019-09-03 19:41

I stopped to the gas station,tested the wheelnuts(I tought that the wobble was occuring because of loose nuts) and put 3 bars(43 psi)in the tires hoping that they won't deflate.Sadly now I got a leaky waterpump(old news),broken fuel line and royally fucked my alignment. :))

89054.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-03 20:57

V Tbh, my old car is worst, air pump refused to fill air of my tyres, I went to tyre shop and they told me two tyres have bulges.

89055.   Lagano   2019-09-03 21:54

I put 3 bars in the rear tires too cause they're slowly deflating :P

89057.   Porsche911man   2019-09-03 23:52

@ Buzzsaw lol, Forza Horizon only had the G37. Not G35 lol

89058.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-04 08:27

V Cearly, he was too dumb to typing title correctly. :))

89059.   BigSmoke   2019-09-04 10:05

@BLiTZ ack that hurts big time :( Are the rims okay though?

89060.   BLiTZ   2019-09-04 10:21

I honestly don't know,they always slip air,like I have to put air in them once every 2 weeks or they'll go flat on me.They aren't the best because I switched the fronts with rears and now it gets vibrating so the wheels were already bad.I don't know if its worse or not but they still look like wheels so I'm happy :))

89061.   BLiTZ   2019-09-04 10:24

But if I drive them properly (which doesn't happen ofc)they won't slip any.But since they are semi slicks I bash on them daily so I got nothing to complain of losing air and vibrations

89062.   BLiTZ   2019-09-04 10:26

I don't baby my car so I expect something to go bad any day now.It's just a matter of time.I do put proper maintanance in it but hard driving doesn't do any good to the car

89063.   Kazern   2019-09-04 11:17

buzzsaw dont talk shit on others english when your just as bad

89064.   BigSmoke   2019-09-04 11:35

@BLiTZ I guess that day was THE day then.......btw which tyres are those? Also I guess wheels are safe for the time being :))

89065.   BLiTZ   2019-09-04 12:41

well the wheels still look round and even if they do vibrate it's not that bad.I run Federal 595 rs-pro with 205/50 on 15s.T H I C C

89066.   BLiTZ   2019-09-04 12:44

When I bought them and went to the tire shop the wheel guy said that they might be bent because they dont come straight on the balancing machine even with counter weights.2 of them which I ran on the rear were put there because I knew they would vibrate but tbh I tought it would be alot worse.Turns out it's still ok

89067.   BLiTZ   2019-09-04 12:47


89068.   Kokainum   2019-09-05 11:31

hmm which is more urgent

89069.   Kokainum   2019-09-05 11:31


89070.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-05 13:23

Lmao both over 9000 drama

89071.   Nightkid   2019-09-05 13:28

Bollywood telenovelas could never

89074.   Thememe0693   2019-09-07 00:52


89075.   BigSmoke   2019-09-08 16:04


My heart's going to explode after waiting for sooo long

89089.   EliasFD3S   2019-09-13 16:48

forza ferrari grande leclerc

89092.   BigSmoke   2019-09-15 11:13

PSA: Dirt Rally is free (again!) on Steam till Sep 16th

89093.   Runaeh   2019-09-15 11:47

*LINK* dank weeb stuff ;)

89094.   Bigg Boss93   2019-09-15 12:48

Sounds good but holy shit that background kills my eyes when reading <.<

89095.   BLiTZ   2019-09-15 13:06

isnt it dead tho?over 3 months without any updates

89098.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-15 22:36

What if vstanced turned into a forum only.. basic, light, easy to use etc.. ?

89099.   BLiTZ   2019-09-15 23:48

elaborate.What is forum only?What will be different from the current format?

89101.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-16 07:57

It'll be a forum only, better, easier to chat etc and keep up with things but there will be no news section, no chat box, downloads will be in the forum's etc.

89103.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-16 09:20

Something like this : *LINK*

89104.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-16 09:20

Sorry fat finger removed your comment.

89105.   BLiTZ   2019-09-16 10:03

I mean...yea that could be alright :)
Can you migrate the posts from here?(the irl car posts and roleplays)

89106.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-16 10:46

No, it would all be a fresh start..this CMS is old, buggy etc.. we can't upgrade or move anything :) we'd keep this as an "archive" and migrate downloads but start forums from fresh.

89107.   Nightkid   2019-09-16 15:10

Well , in that case guess i would have to start a brand new roleplay lmao

89108.   EliasFD3S   2019-09-16 19:13

XenForo could be good

89109.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-16 19:28

If you can buy it for me :D

89110.   BigSmoke   2019-09-16 19:38

JC bossman tell me, can we stil access the old site after it's archived?

89111.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-16 19:59

So the idea is to keep this site in the background, frozen. Essentially it'll be accessible etc but you won't be able to post etc just browse.

89112.   EliasFD3S   2019-09-16 20:13

i have everything for xenforo but uhhhh , not so legal

89113.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-16 21:09

Ye that's easy to get but not right thing to do and won't last long..

89117.   Benny   2019-09-17 10:15

Jesus Christ, what about roleplays? We continue where we stop here and just start the new weekly V$ in amount according to the posts on the thread?

89118.   Porsche911man   2019-09-17 19:58

What about downloads? Like if someone releases something new(Eventually, I'll be releasing a few new things on here). How would that work or it'll be the same?

89120.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-17 20:26

It'll be a forum section dedicated to downloads where you can submit your post. It'll be much easier to keep track of comments, dead links etc

89121.   BLiTZ   2019-09-17 23:36

its gonna get fucky but i like the idea.One more question tho.For me,this little chat box right here is almost the only thing that makes me come back besides irl and gaming pictures.Any way of keeping some sort of chat box?

89122.   BLiTZ   2019-09-17 23:40

I like the compact look of the new format and its less eye straining than the carbon fiber in the background rn

89123.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-18 08:24

Yeah we'll keep the shoutbox. We decided to go with something a bit busier but still clean. Goal is to kinda have the important things in the front.

89124.   BLiTZ   2019-09-19 01:11

so we do a poll if we switch or nah?

89125.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-19 10:00

No, the decision is to switch. We can't continue running this for long..I'm just trying to get communities input as to what is the right way

89126.   BLiTZ   2019-09-19 13:19


89127.   Steffe ;)   2019-09-20 15:12

first time in forever i say something here. hi

89128.   Bigg Boss93   2019-09-20 19:58


89129.   laf0rce   2019-09-20 21:40

is there a guide on how to install bb93 somewhere?

89130.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-20 22:15

Unpack the archive, run .exe

That's it

89133.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-23 22:19


If anyone wants to try new VStanced.

89135.   theblockishot   2019-09-24 01:14

Seems wayy faster than the normal site. That alone makes it better already

89136.   BigSmoke   2019-09-24 06:01

Looks neat and lovely bossman :D another question tho, will the image hosting remain or will it be closed after the full migration?

89137.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-24 08:32

should get even faster in the future! :) once we route traffic though cdn.

bigsmoke - yeah uploader will stay as is :)

89138.   Holy Shit Man   2019-09-24 08:39

Are accounts merged with the OG VS (or to be merged) or we have to make new ones?

89140.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-24 13:34

New ones :) we're not migrating anything. Fresh start

89141.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-24 16:46


89142.   Holy Shit Man   2019-09-25 10:14

@JC - links in post editor don't work, the pop-up appears, but it's grayed out and it disappears on clicking anything

89143.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-25 12:38

So wait how do you recreate it? Click in edit post and what links don't appear? Got a screenshot?

89144.   BLiTZ   2019-09-25 17:51

can you do something like here?Going directly to the bottom of the post?I don't want to scroll everytime to the bottom over the pictures i've already seen

89145.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-25 18:22

You've got a choice. You click on topic name and it takes you to first post, you click on last post time and it'll take you to the last post :)

89146.   BLiTZ   2019-09-25 18:45

oh shit didnt know that mb :))

89147.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-25 21:21

Haha :D it'll be a bit of a learning curve for all of us after near 10 years..

89148.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-26 11:06

JC, question.
Can RP thread carry on new VStanced, that you use be RP thread on old VSStanced. (If, it is done.)

89149.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-26 11:19

Basically you'll just continue from where you left here.. you can always link to the current site and mention that it is your old thread.

89150.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-26 16:51

V As, last it is your account, not stolen from someone rp.

89152.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-26 17:34

You just continue as is, if anyone doesn't and attempts to increase the post count we'll deal with it. Essentially you'll start your new rp thread, with something like :

Previous rp : link to thread
Post count frozen at : 888 as e.g

And continue from there

89153.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-26 17:34

Sorry fat finger again :D

89154.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-26 17:44

Understood, thanks JC. I doesn't like restarted my RP thread on new one. :))

89155.   Nightkid   2019-09-26 17:45

got it ! thanks :)

89156.   Holy Shit Man   2019-09-27 11:00

@JC - actually, image links don't work as they did on the OG

(I hope it won't break the shout box)

89157.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-27 14:41

really? the below works for me?

89159.   Holy Shit Man   2019-09-27 23:24

Weird, it doesn't work for me on either mobile or desktop Chrome

89160.   Holy Shit Man   2019-09-27 23:26

Check out my 3D thread

89161.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-27 23:43

Yeah can see the pictures no problems.. try ctrl + f5 or incognito window in chrome.. may have cached something locally

89162.   Holy Shit Man   2019-09-28 19:49

Now that's weird, it doesn't work for me on Edge either

89163.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-28 20:09

I've tested it as your user and it's showing up too :o super random

89164.   Holy Shit Man   2019-09-28 22:31


89165.   Holy Shit Man   2019-09-28 22:33

Idk what's wrong with it, it doesn't show as link in page inspector either

89166.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-28 22:36

Nah I can simulate your permissions.. :)

89167.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-28 22:36

Try different network or something? Haven't heard anyone having those issues.. or post another link somewhere else see what happens

89168.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-28 22:36

Can you see links in show off thread?

89169.   Holy Shit Man   2019-09-28 22:56

Are there any? Also, posted some in forum problems thread

89170.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-28 23:27

Just asking question, you think I should restarted my RP thread or leave it? For reason; I ran out moneys, some told me I should restart since start of RP (where I use be got blue R33) is messed up, but I don't want to restarted because it went well with my recently bought R33 GTR?

89171.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-29 07:42

V You know what, I have better plan, sorry asking silly the question. :P

89172.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-29 09:36


89173.   BigSmoke   2019-09-29 17:45

There are only three words to properly describe all motorsport activities this weekend (Super Formula, Formula 1, ADAC GT Masters, Blancpain GT):


89174.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-30 08:49

Hyperdrive on Netflix are great show.

89175.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-30 10:20

It is :D finished it ages ago

89176.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-30 10:34

I like when Lambo dude got gapped at Q2 by some of cars, it made me laugh.

89177.   Back_in_Black   2019-09-30 13:01

i hate-love that show. come on, a 1000hp lamborghini isn't anything new, really. rwd build lamborghinis aren't either. i didn't like that guy anyways tbh^^

89179.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-30 13:44

Nah I couldn't stand him. Shredder and Japanese guy were my favourite

89180.   Back_in_Black   2019-09-30 14:09

yeah, same. those were the most deserving ones. then again, the brasilians were just bad ass drivers and the girls tried their best but realy couldn't compete with the guys.. :/

89181.   CannibalCurd   2019-09-30 15:39

Sorry if i'm being a dummy, but was it announced when exactly this site is going to be turned into an archive? Or there's no precise date yet

89182.   BigSmoke   2019-09-30 16:14

No precise date yet so far, but will be announced when it comes

89184.   CannibalCurd   2019-09-30 18:54

Oh alright, thanks!

89185.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-30 19:21

Yeah, might be soon etc depends! I'd like to do it as soon as possible just need to prepare things properly.

89186.   ccp   2019-09-30 19:47

i do an update on the volvo 700_900 mod if you wanna check

89187.   Jesus Christ   2019-09-30 20:06

Any updates to mods etc I would suggest doing on the new site ;)

89189.   Buzzsaw   2019-09-30 20:53

@JC, Black_in_Black, Karolina with her pink Rocket Bunny S14, she is clam about she is best drifter in Europe, but she out of game however, Germany women name Corinna passed at Q4, made me laughing so hard.

89191.   Back_in_Black   2019-09-30 21:45

oh fuck, yeah i forgot about them. they were great obviously. ^^

89192.   Supremen96   2019-10-01 08:38

Will I have to create new account on the new site?

89193.   Jesus Christ   2019-10-01 08:42

yup! :) fresh start sadly.. this CMS is too old to migrate anything out of it. It's been running for near 10 years, doesn't support a lot of stuff, craps out randomly and data storage on it is rubbish. Stuff all over the place etc. Can't wait to get away from it to be honest.

89194.   Buzzsaw   2019-10-01 10:30

@JC, last it is bot free lol. :))

89196.   Jesus Christ   2019-10-01 17:26

Bots are evolving creatures, fighting them is an ongoing battle

89197.   Buzzsaw   2019-10-01 19:34

Only, we need watch dog hacker to stop evil bots.

89198.   Jesus Christ   2019-10-02 10:31

We might switch over to new site today. As a trial run or if it goes well a full switch. The only real things left to do is transfer downloads. but that is not major.

89199.   BigSmoke   2019-10-02 10:44

So we can expect a full migration in 24-72 (or 48 if it's too much) hours?

89200.   Jesus Christ   2019-10-02 11:05

No, downloads will be accessible here still as archive but will be migrated ove the next few weeks as it's very time consuming. The rest is pretty much ready :)

89201.   BigSmoke   2019-10-02 11:14

Thanks for the heads-up bossman :cheers:

89202.   Jesus Christ   2019-10-02 19:30

On new site remember to clear your CACHE on the browser and your cookies. Otherwise you might see errors.. browser confusion.