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Hey guys i'm bored as hell right now and i'm in urge to write something so yeah *cough*

So i've been playing this game for about...4 years? And i started to think about making my own stuff into my own liking. Since then i've been making countless of stuffs which you may think is pretty much... horrible.

straight to the point, in this thread i'll show you my WIPs and stuff that may interest you.
If you found any released stuff here, don't expect it has a high quality because in fact, i had a very minor experience in 3ds Max unlike the others here lmao - my skill is just plain turd. The other reason, i originally intended most of them for my private build, but i've changed my mind.

At first i also thought writing this thread is not a good idea....

...oh yea before starting this thread, i actually had some both WIPs and Released mods that you may interested. I've decided to separate it into a points so it'll become tidy and make it easier to read.

As you can see i had a lot of WIP that makes you think i'm a fucking mess but in reality my mind changes every hours so i think this is the best thing i could do :))

would get updated if i had some progress. Also, help and contribution will be very obliged. cheers!
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