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240SX Project: Exhaust system, Big brake kit and TE37's

I was looking for parts for the 240 yesterday, some on craigslist, others in places like Enjuku, etc, and I bought several things that were perfect at 240 ...

4 hours later...

Now looks awesome! , Let'me show what i changed...

I changed the exhaust system for a HKS Hi-Power Exhaust, which gave it the perfect sound

I changed the brakes for a universal big brake kit (4 and 5 lug nut setup) and I put a used 17'inch TE37 wheel set with almost new tires, also i had to readjust the suspension for fitting the wheels , so another 150 for suspension work and allignment...

The 240 is taking shape and I love it, in 5 days or maybe more will arrive a box with a Radcoon stickers order, I am very excited, maybe I will take the 240 to paint this week or leave it in this color, I do not know

Oh, and also Grim Reaper sold me a complete SR20DET, including radiator, intercooler, gearbox, metal engine mounts, etc, in about 4 days it will arrive, so in a little bit maybe buy a shell, put that engine, some parts and sell it, or I'm armed with a missile or, I do not know ...

For now, I finish today's update!

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