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This is my first car,

Peugeot 106 1.0 37kw

(I guess i'll post stuff here to stay active on the forum without playing roleplay)

Has 190800kms, i three months i've put 9000kms on it,
''Mods'' i've done to it so far:
Kangoo front lip
Momo steering wheel (have yet to install it)
Saxo 3 stud rims
GTI spoiler
Tinted rear lights

Beside mods, i've done many things that you can't see:
adjust valves
valve cover gasket
new rear drum brakes
Timing belt
water pump

fixed many little things like door handles not working
adjustable coils ~200€
4 stud convert
4 stud normal rims
gti front bumper (or whole kit, but good luck finding that)
new seats
i'f i find better engine for cheap, i might even swap it(prolly not)

I'll be posting here random upadates, like somebody cares

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