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Franklin Garage: Episode 1

Sorry for the delay in uploading an upload, but I was quite complicated with personal and school matters (irl), but hey, Today I came back with everything!

About 3 weeks ago I started my trip to Japan, and these days I was staying at Erwin's house to get a workshop and a good car,
And about a week ago I found this workshop for rent outside of Osaka, at a good price (1500V$ per month.
So I took advantage of the fact that the shop also had all the necessary equipment, and I rented it...

And yesterday I found the perfect car to look for so long, and cost me much less than I thought (9500V$), but enough of intrigue, so I'll leave you this video and after seeing it, I'll give you a little more information and interesting things...

This is my first slrr vid , so if u want to help me , tell me by priv or something like that

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