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Standard of maintenance.

My girlfriend told me, her S15 got nasty vibration, and I take her S15 to my garage and having good inspecting. Everything is seen okay, and I lift S15 up and inspected under S15, and I noticed driveshaft have large free-play, and I found out, it was universal joint is worn out, I told my girlfriend, her S15 cannot be driven till it have replaced, I hear Big Smoke selling his S15 auto driveshaft good condition. The price is reasonable because the new one is costly, like that way outside of my girlfriend wallet, and I explain to her, and she was happy the price, she gives me 320 V$, I talked and booke date to see him, and I grab PS13 key and drive to Big Smoke crib.

I arrived Big Smoke crib, I collected driveshaft, and we had a nice chat, then I head to my garage so that I can finish off her S15. I replaced S15 driveshaft and taking the road test and seen nice smooth and no unwanted vibration happening. I think it been all fixed, and I was impressed, I remove the front plate because I can take the photo of her car.

She owned lightly modified Silvia Spec R AT, yes it got automatic because she wasn't comfy with a manual transmission. I think I'm not a fan of the wheel, but it was her car. Also, I sold the Toyota Supra, to the guy who is doing the drift project.

My wallet...
Starting cash ~ 6,185 V$.
Paychecks ~ + 415 V$
Toyota Supra ~ - + 3,000 V$
S15 driveshaft ~ GIRLFRIEND PAIDED
Total leftover ~ 9600 V$.

(Sorry sound like lazying, because my fucking laptop acting like women that hate slrr.)
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