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# BigSmoke : Welp sad to see the PS13 went into the sunset.......but hey, at least the profit is big enough to mod the S2K and get a new car :D

Speaking of which, you might have noticed it but I've put my Mazda Demio (aka Mazda 2) for sale with cheap price at the classifieds. While it might not really be a Kei car, it's small and fun enough to drive around urban areas. I mean, it shares the same platform with the previous gen Ford Fiesta, so it roughly also has the same fun handling factor :D
Still, I'm totally okay if you want something else, so good luck finding the car you want :D

The S2K's stock suspension is good enought for a trackday.....the only issue with it is it can't really hold the rear grip properly when VTEC kicks in. Good for oversteer handling training but ultimately a menace for grip hunting
Oo, Mazda. I thinking about it, and I hear S2k have roll centre problem, I think it set as too high?
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