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  • Cars must be done by the rules for e.g. "Works converted" "Stock" "reward" "loaner" or "any thing below works" - nice and clear any upgrade you want as long as it is below "works" conversion, tuning(setups) are ALWAYS allowed

  • Proof of the laptime should be provided by a Fraps screen shot or a camera shot for consoles(yes you can join us too)

  • TWO screen shots will have to be taken to prove your lap time - Finishing Positions & Laps these must be at the end of the season, lap times from mid race where the corners might have been cut and the lap is illegal will not be included

  • Lap times MUST be set in TIME ATTACK mode - there's no limit on how many laps you can do

  • At the end of the WEEK the first place(fastest time) will be able to choose the track/car he wants for the next week for e.g. i win and choose a track SPA with Focus RS STOCK that will be the track/car combo for the next week, once the week finishes the winner will be able to choose another car/track combo for e.g. Jaziba wins and chooses Nurburgring with MX5 Works converted

  • JULS MOD is allowed and recommended - *LINK*

  • Drift competitions can also be chosen instead of the race so feel free to choose TIME ATTACK or DRIFT if you win of course ;)

  • You can update your lap time as much as you want so for e.g. you had a time and posted the screen shots.. before the end of the week you can still update the time if you got better at it

  • Competition is active from Wednesday 00.01 UK Time To Wednesday 00.01 UK Time - EXACTLY ONE WEEK to post your lap times

  • When submiting your time you will have to choose a TRACK AND CAR combination for the next week - this is in case you WIN the competition and are not around to choose the TRACK for the next week so when ever you submit your time PLEASE add a TRACK and CAR combo with it for e.g.

    screen 1
    screen 2
    Car - Nissan Skyline r32 - Track - Nurburgring full



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    happy playing ;)

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