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Hi guys,
I've just recently started playing NFS Underground 2 and it's probably one of the best Need for Speeds out there.
A while back I've seen some pictures of a Nissan 350Z and a Mazda RX8 showing off some possible customization options in the game. But I've noticed that they are in a "White" garage and possibly a different gameplay setup.
Here are some pictures of the different gameplay:

Here it shows some audio mods and are different to the original game. In the original game the Mazda RX8 speaker box would be painted and not black or with carpet. The Nissan 350Z has the best looking Woofers ever, nothing like the original game and the 350Z's rear strut bar has been removed.

In this image it show that when you are choosing engine performance upgrades it's exactly layed out like NFS Underground 1, which is probably a way better customization option in my opinion.

Even though it has Playstation buttons, the Playstation has the exact same as any other platform.
If anybody knows how to get this type of game setup it would be greatly appreciated
Thank You for your time :)

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