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Welcome to VStanced SLRR Roleplay section.
Make sure to read all the rules before starting.

Base rules:

- Each user can have max 1 thread for their RP builds, salary based RP players can have max 1 character(otherwise managing the money gets hard).

- The thread must be named with this format: Username's *Builds* | example: BB93's Badass Roleplay Builds.

- Shops must be named with this format: Shop: Shop's name[names of the users who run it] | example: Shop: VStanced Garage Import & Export [BB93, Franco, Jaziba, JC, Remco].

- Use V$ infront of your thread name to follow the salary based RP(see below) | example: V$ BB93's Badass Roleplay Builds.

- Only salary based RP players are allowed to open a shop, this only once reached 501 comments on the personal thread(see below) and then ask permission on the Valo Worldwide Council thread and wait for an answer - Non salary based players must ask permission on the Valo Worldwide Council thread.

- You can get your thread "restarted" by contacting any site admin(The Godfathers, Underbosses or Moderators), which will lock and move your thread to the Abandoned/Locked Threads section. Then you can create a new one(starting again with 20k V$ and no cars).

Salary based RP rules:

- Each character starts with 20k V$(there might be some exception for who already had a shop).

- Weekly paycheck of 375V$(every Monday), increases at the following conditions:

Posts	| Multiplier
on the	| and weekly
thread	| salary

0-10	= 1.0x	(375/w)
11-30	= 1.1x	(415/w)
31-50	= 1.25x	(470/w)
51-70	= 1.5x	(565/w)
71-100	= 1.75x	(655/w)
101-250	= 2.0x	(750/w)
251-500	= 2.5x	(940/w)
501-1k	= 3.0%	(1125/w) - you can open a your own shop since this point
1001-8	= 5.0%	(1875/w)

- You get 250V$ every time someone mention you in their RP(max once every two days).

- Every two months there is a 'Ride Of The Month' award that gets voted on. If you win, you get a money prize based on the number of votes(with a fixed multiplier of 250x, see below) and a in-game "Ride Of The Month" sticker, and also a post on VS facebook saying that you won RP ROTM.

15 votes x 250 = 3750V$

Obviously following the salary based gamestyle will mean that you can only buy parts from the shops(so you have to ask them for price in the thread and wait for an answer, read below).

Infos about shops(salary based RP):

- You can write a "formal" request for parts/cars in one of the shops and wait for an answer or buy a part off any real e-shop(aka check the real prices and pay accordingly).

- You can buy and sell used parts on the classifieds threads(each in their respective section).

- Shop owners can hire helpers/co-workers/co-owners.

- Shop owners dont have to ask for parts prices(unless they want to buy from another shop).

Any thread made without following these rules will be deleted without notice.

Please dont post anything on this thread, for questions go *HERE*

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