BMW M3 E46 By JoeAlex

Hello guys, here is other mod released by me, my BMW M3 E46, i put a lot of work on this mod for made it perfect, i hope all of you can enjoy this awesome mod. :)

(Picuters by: Torres1895)


- Standalone mod.
- Perfectly scripted.
- 3 completely build versions(M3, CSL and GTR) on catalog.
- Totally custom glows(Angel Eyes and LED Taillights).
- Totally custom physics(every part have its own physic meshes and weight).
- perfectly scripted(you can see this car on the Car Dealers and in Valo City).
- Stock Rims/Tires/Brakes.
- Stock and Aftermarket parts separated in their respective catalog sections.
- The mod includes a some custom parts among which a whole lot of custom lights.
- Custom 3D tire(my own model).


- 3D Model from Forza Motorsport 4 by Turn10 Studios.
- CSL Kit from Juiced 2 HIN.
- Weight/handligh, RPM and speed gauges by Bigg Boss93.
- Custom front bumper lip by AC_Schnitzer.

More about this mod:

- It uses a custom default color(Stock_Blue.png inside textures folder), you can change it to another color or make a paintjob over it.
- The textures "M3_Logo.png"(BMW ///M flag), "Leather_2.png"(interior colors), "Angel_lights.png" and "Glows_2.png"(lights color) can be customized according to your taste(with an external program).
- The car is compatible with Bigg Boss93's VStanced HD Plates.


1) If on the LED taillights(Brake and City) you see that left some orbs/bulbs you just need to restart your game and all's will work again.
2) The car maybe will handling a bit weird, but that is because the Stock SLRR running gear, if you use the one of MR.sir you will see one perfect handling.

Thanks to all the testers of this mod, and i hope all of you can enjoy this awesome mod. :)


1.   Posted by Runaeh   2014-03-11 21:22    

Awesome ! i love it thanks :)

2.   Posted by Jaziba   2014-03-11 21:48    

Boo, this mod it's a shit! Don't download it!


3.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-03-11 21:56    

4.   Posted by JoeAlex   2014-03-11 22:18    

lol, thanks for shit my post Jaz and BiggBitch93! :ahole: :lolhitting:

5.   Posted by Dariuss   2014-03-12 11:11    

this is really perfect. congratz joe

6.   Posted by Caballo   2014-03-12 14:50    

This are the mods I like. Well done.

7.   Posted by JoeAlex   2014-03-12 20:24    

Thanks guys, but i did one little error on it, here is the fix, sorry for that... :/

8.   Posted by David_2709   2014-03-13 16:11    

Holy is that mod good! :awesome:

9.   Posted by Runaeh   2014-03-16 14:53    

Invalid clickdef (00000abd) in 00580aa2 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)
Invalid clickdef (00000ab0) in 00580a95 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)
Invalid clickdef (00000ab1) in 00580a96 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)
Invalid clickdef (00000abf) in 00580aa4 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)
Invalid clickdef (00000ac0) in 00580aa5 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)
Invalid clickdef (00000aaf) in 00580a94 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)

on le2mwm

10.   Posted by Homer341   2014-03-16 19:33    

Awesome mod, i love CSL bodykit :thumbsup:

11.   Posted by JoeAlex   2014-03-17 02:23    

@Runaeh, download this for fix that ;)

And thanks guy, i'm glad all of you like this mod :D

12.   Posted by Tom Diablo   2014-03-28 08:16    

:cheers: Good one!

13.   Posted by Artioma092   2014-04-17 11:05    

can you make this in sedan version

14.   Posted by M4rl0Nss   2014-07-16 04:20    

Nice mod here.. Works very nice on my slrr.. have the m3 engine too.. Thank you JoeAlex

15.   Posted by lhm8884   2014-08-23 13:24    

Thanks a lot

16.   Posted by DevilishDick   2014-10-15 05:58    

awsome mod! thanks dude

17.   Posted by Ey papa   2014-11-06 04:31    

I got an Error
Invalid clickdef (00000abd) in 00270aa2 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)
Invalid clickdef (00000ab0) in 00270a95 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)
Invalid clickdef (00000abf) in 00270aa4 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)
Invalid clickdef (00000aaf) in 00270a94 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)
Invalid clickdef (00000ab1) in 00270a96 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)
Invalid clickdef (00000ac0) in 00270aa5 (cars\racers\BMW_M3_E46_05.rpk)
My game play well but IDK what is causing the error???

18.   Posted by Ey papa   2014-11-06 04:31    

BTW Nice mod I very love it

19.   Posted by gsl77   2014-11-27 10:18    

nice car but it still has some bugs

20.   Posted by flyitlikearental   2015-10-22 11:22    


I got it modded to use that S54B32 motor that is included in the engine pack for 2.2.1...

It scripts properly, loads the engine with the car in the catalog. I also used the old E46 M3 pack's rims for the CSL, and BigBadassMotherfuckerBoss93's 3D tyres. It works perfectly in BB93's game. Can I send it to you, and maybe get it up?

Shot, awesome work my man!

21.   Posted by Princevolution   2017-08-29 17:09    

Hey Fly can i have it?

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