Holden Commodore (VE)

by RedCarDriver and Bigg Boss93

Original Models by Turn 10 Studios
(Forza Motorsport 4)
and Tigon Studios
(Vin Diesel: Wheelman)
and Squir
and EFFalcon

I'll keep this short, since I've kept you all waiting for a long time.

Includes LOTS of versions and body kits.

Download link below.

Promotional screenshots are available here (56MB).


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1.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2014-03-19 04:55    

Oh, one other thing: Don't flood the Bigg Boss93 / Jaziba competition with Commodores - I have another competition in mind once that one finishes. ;)

2.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-03-19 12:39    

TITS! :awesome:
VSTANCED HD PLATES 2.0 with AU(stralia) plates

3.   Posted by pascallll   2014-03-19 16:25    

Awesome mod, thank you so much! Almost feels like christmas.

4.   Posted by nhbdjkmnf   2014-03-19 17:11    

error !JVM::assignmentConversion: typecast failed (Ljava.game.parts.rgearpart.reciprocatingrgearpart.Wheel;)Ljava.lang.GameType; in file "java.game.Catalog" at line 1307

5.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2014-03-19 21:53    

Marco and I think we've found the problem with the rims.

There is an extra space in every rim java file:

public class Commodore_VE_rim_GTS_paintable extends Wheel
	float f_offset, default_offset, old_offset, diameter, width;

	public Commodore_VE_rim_GTS_paintable[b]_[/b]( int id )
Instead, it needs to be:
public class Commodore_VE_rim_GTS_paintable extends Wheel
	float f_offset, default_offset, old_offset, diameter, width;

	public Commodore_VE_rim_GTS_paintable( int id )

The mod file will be updated shortly. In the meantime, this should be easy enough to fix manually.

6.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2014-03-19 21:55    

HOTFIX 1 (2014-03-19): Fixed a small typo in rim javas. Also updated readme file.

7.   Posted by PzyDuck   2014-03-19 22:12    

Were is the fix? :p

8.   Posted by Morpheus Hell   2014-03-19 22:18    

weird.. fixed all rim javas bymyslef.. but error shows the same anyways.. sadly. Maybe another prob? can´t open the rpk with BORAT too..

9.   Posted by PzyDuck   2014-03-19 22:19    

Nope.. same error

"!JVM::assignmentConversion: typecast failed (Ljava.game.parts.rgearpart.reciprocatingrgearpart.Wheel;)Ljava.lang.GameType; in file "java.game.Catalog" at line 1311"

10.   Posted by Morpheus Hell   2014-03-19 22:25    

Ohh wait now the error is in line 1311 .. NOT in 1307

11.   Posted by PzyDuck   2014-03-19 22:35    

For me was always on 1311

12.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2014-03-20 00:21    

I still haven't had this error for myself yet. :/

Try removing a few rim packs or older car mods from your game, and see if that helps at all.

13.   Posted by PzyDuck   2014-03-20 03:39    

nope, remove all, and the error srill apear.. conflict with stock rims

14.   Posted by hitman3695   2014-03-20 04:05    

Where is the "325" Badge for the HSV?

15.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2014-03-20 05:11    

Gah, I was hoping no one would care. :facepalm:

Since there was a "307" for an older GTS and other similar number badges for other models, I figured the specific number value badge didn't matter much.

The mesh should already be in the meshes folder, in case you want to try scripting it in yourself. It doesn't use any special textures, just the reflection texture.

Since someone brought it up, I'll script it in the next time I make a patch.

16.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-03-20 14:46    

got to be kidding, it has 61418624689646 parts and you want something more...?!

17.   Posted by Morpheus Hell   2014-03-20 15:58    

i´ve a fresh stage1 downloaded only 2 test the car.. still the same error.. so it is not a prob with other mods.. sadly. i wil lcheck it again now

18.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2014-03-20 19:30    

Alright, cool.

Someone on GOM said I forgot to apply the fix to rim_V8S_chrome, so try checking to make sure the java on that one is correct. I'll take a look later when I get a chance.

19.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-03-20 19:48    

I just downloaded it, i'll check everything as soon as i get back home.

20.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2014-03-21 01:14    

PATCH 2 (2014-03-20): Fixed the rim bug for real (thanks Joealex!), moved the badges to the end of the stock body parts catalog rather than letting them clutter up the front, and added the "325 kW" badge to the HSV GTS E3. Get just the patch here (includes Hotfix 1), or download the whole car again.

21.   Posted by nhbdjkmnf   2014-03-21 21:15    

Thanks man for fix. Very good mod.

22.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2014-03-22 18:12    

PATCH 3 (2014-03-22): Fixes some click-related issues pointed out by Bigg Boss93. Download just the patch here, or download the whole car again.

23.   Posted by cican   2014-03-24 01:06    

emm,if i download the whole car today,it includes all of the patch right?

24.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-03-24 14:12    


25.   Posted by Balkanec   2014-03-25 15:10    

Awsome mod. Thank's a lot. :bow:

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