Ford Mustang 2000 (SN95)
by RedCarDriver
Forza 4 conversion

I am releasing this mod now as a preliminary release because I want to get it out to the community as soon as possible, instead of letting it sit on my hard drive and in the beta testers' hands indefinitely. I know a few of you requested some things that I never got around to doing. I apologize for this, and again, this is only the first release; I may end up doing those things in the future, but I want to be able to work on other things instead of letting this be another part of the pile of unfinished projects I have stacked up.

Installation is by the usual method (move the folders to \cars\racers\).

This car should run under LE, LE2MWM, and MWM. Tell me (once, please) if it doesn't.

Before anyone asks, the GT, Cobra R, and Saleen chassis are different! They all have some visual differences, plus some parts don't fit on the Cobra R, most notably the rear exit exhaust pipe.

This car uses the standard MC_Prime_Superduty engine, except the V6 variant, which uses Daywhite's V6 but should also work with Mihon's "Devil's V6".


Original meshes from Forza Motorsport 4 (Turn 10 Studios) and Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights (Juice Games / THQ)
FM4 models provided by Bigg Boss93
FM4 textures provided by Joealex
Juiced 2 models provided by Daniel

Testing by Bigg Boss93, Olympic_Beige, Rokus, Mario, Pro7, JoeAlex, Daniel, and Vygantas
(If you tested the mod and I didn't mention you here, sorry about that.)
1.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-03-27 12:32    

Great car!! Thanks for releasing it, Harrison!! Also thanks to all supporters!! :D

2.   Posted by Rudi   2013-03-27 12:39    

It's awesome ! GREAT JOB Harrison !!

For plates, put in _main_cfg:

slot 0.000 -0.045 2.200 0.000 -0.160 0.000 997 ; Registration
attach 0x0004D326 1
attach 0x0004D331 1

slot 0.000 -0.045 2.200 0.000 -0.160 0.000 998 ; Registration
attach 0x0004D326 1
attach 0x0004D331 1

3.   Posted by Pro7   2013-03-27 13:37    


4.   Posted by Rick93   2013-03-27 16:04    

!Script error

Thread: THRD-RUNVMI Saleen_S281_2000.updatevariables
Error: cannot cast Ljava.game.parts.Part;

java.game.parts.rgearpart.reciprocatingrgearpart.Wheel:updatevariables (line:72)
java.game.parts.bodypart.Chassis:updatevariables (line:382)
java.game.cars.Ford_Mustang_SN95_models:updatevariables (line:25)

Game crashes every time i try to put a spoiler or any mufflers ... This is getting my mad ...

5.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2013-03-27 16:32    

:/ I'll take a look at that as soon as I can. I'm not on my regular computer at the minute, so it's kind of hard to debug anything. Is it possible that it's conflicting with any other mods? I haven't seen that error before except when there's something weird like a deleted mod or a conflict of some sort.

Everyone go into Ford_Mustang_SN95_VT and change this:

		prevalence *= 1000000.0;
To this:
//		prevalence *= 1000000.0;

6.   Posted by g4tnt   2013-03-29 01:00    

love it :awesome:
only bug i found is when you go to pick it its missing tyres ?

7.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2013-03-29 03:40    

^ I made a mistake when I added the custom wheels and tires to the catalog. It's an easy fix, but one I can't make until later, when I actually have time to do it.

Take a look at the comments on the GOM page for this mod to see how to fix that.

8.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2013-03-30 01:17    

2013-03-29: UPDATED the download link to fix some of the script errors people were having. The car should now come with tires in the catalog, and should no longer be the only car at the car lot due to having too-high prevalence.

9.   Posted by g4tnt   2013-03-30 16:49    

great job man love the mod :awesome:

10.   Posted by KidForDrift   2013-03-31 02:02    

That's pretty awesome! Not make a proper E30 Sedan, or a BMW E32! :awesome:

11.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2013-04-02 17:29    

I've got plans for what I'm doing after this mod, but those plans don't include any BMWs at the moment.

12.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2013-04-21 18:21    

2013-04-21: UPDATED to fix a bug with mismatching wheels from the catalog and to include more accurate tail light glows.

13.   Posted by jhonnydoe1   2014-10-23 11:30    

works fully in dealers :)

14.   Posted by veyron155   2015-09-06 20:09    

when I go buy the V6 Mustang, of this error: Script error

Thread: THRD-RUNVMI Dummy.handleEvent
Error: Thread :: evalName: null.methodcall ()

java.game.cars.Ford_Mustang_V6_2000: addStockParts (line: 258)
java.game.CarSelect: osdCommand (line: 553)
java.render.osd.Gadget: sendMessage (line: 211)
java.render.osd.Button: click (line: 31)
java.render.Group:handleEvent (line 178)

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