Posting this now in case I never get around to finishing it

I've had this on my hard drive for literally years now, collecting dust. It's not finished, but it's about time I get it into the hands of the people instead of just letting it collect more dust. Ideally, this will not be the final update.

This is an unsupported, unofficial release. Bug reports are welcome for the sake of helping with the eventual finished version - but the odds are high that I already know about any given bug.

The number of changes compared to the previous version of the Mustang SN95 mod is so large that I ended up giving this mod a different RPK instead of trying to make it backwards-compatible.

You will need the Mustang Wheels if you want it to come with wheels in the catalog.

Future updates will probably break this version. Accordingly, I am planning on replacing this page once the finished version is done.

Have fun.

1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2018-04-26 09:55    

Unfinished or not I love it already

2.   Posted by Skyday_DEATH   2018-04-26 13:08    

IDK if it is Unfinished, it looks beatiful!

3.   Posted by SLRR Rules   2018-05-14 05:36    

working great here, haven't run into any problems so far :thumbsup:

4.   Posted by camryn56   2018-06-19 17:42    

plz make a sn95 94-98

5.   Posted by mazenPRO   2019-01-15 12:06    

can you please make a cobra 2004

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