Required for RedCarDriver's Mustang mods

These are eventually going to be required for the fixed versions of my Mustang mods. For now, they are only integrated into the 2010-2014 Mustang (S197a), but they will be used instead of standard included wheels on the revised versions of all of the others.

Included: too many things to list, on Mustang models from 1993 to 2014.
1.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2015-10-16 08:50    

I am planning on updating this with some custom wheels for other Foxbody Mustangs (like 1993 Cobra non-Cobra-R and 1986 SVO), SVT Terminator wheels, etc., but that will have to wait. This is a beta project, and will be updated with each Mustang car mod I make / update.

2.   Posted by NikiLauda   2015-10-17 23:36    

Works with LE2BB93 but there's a problem with hubcaps/wheel covers , I buy them and they don't show up in the inventory. Also would be cool to have stock LX (Fox Body) rims.

3.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2015-10-18 03:21    

I'm planning on making more Foxbody rims. Also, with the wheel caps - I know, have literally no idea what causes that, and I'd fix it if I had any clue; sorry.

4.   Posted by hitman3695   2015-10-18 08:19    

The 19 inch Tyre is offset from the wheel, How do you fix that?

5.   Posted by Runaeh   2016-01-27 15:58    

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6.   Posted by WroyceSR   2016-04-17 18:15    

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7.   Posted by charlesky27   2017-08-17 22:01    

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