My first release on VS.

Here we go. So, I decided to release this rims.
- Model made by Remco, converted by me.
- Sizes: 14x10, 14x13, 15x10, 15x13, 16x10, 16x13, 17x10
There are two types of materials, also you can change textures of each part of the rim. All useful information can be found in README file.
Some pics:

1.   Posted by doge   2017-08-04 12:55    

Dope rims, but those pics are crazy good :drool2:

2.   Posted by HardFFlip   2017-08-04 13:17    

Thank you, doge :-X

3.   Posted by gorgoil   2017-08-04 17:21    

why no 14x7.5 rims? btw looking good

4.   Posted by JF1   2017-08-04 18:38    

Which S13 is that?

By the way nice pictures.

5.   Posted by Remco   2017-08-04 22:43    

that looks so fucking sexyyyyyyy

6.   Posted by vovi4   2017-08-07 19:39    

ну и дерьмо :awesome:

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