Author of 3D model: Chassis by Paepae, Toyota Hilux body converted to body by Blast
Conversion for SLRR: Paepae and Blast
Release picture: Blast
Special thanks: SLRRDA, SLRR Auto Creation Group facebook groups

Features of the mod:
-Carbon hood
-Adjustable tie bar rear door support
-Racing seats and monster tach
-Good for Drift or drag racing
-No crashes in SLRR races
-Led fake headlights
and more...

1.   Posted by rook   2018-09-08 23:00    

OMG I've seen this in the car/parts search forum it looks soo good im going to go try this out now, THANK YOU!!!!

2.   Posted by jannekoskinen   2018-09-09 13:06    

I'm having problems with this mod on BB93's 1.1 slrr and SLRRDA edition. It ctashes at startup and doesn't leave anything in the error log

3.   Posted by alertthepro   2018-09-09 17:03    

Same thing here. Crashes with no sign of what went wrong. It looks dope, but for BB93's SLRR, it doesn't work.

4.   Posted by rook   2018-09-10 17:09    

it crashes on 2.3.0 LE it it also give's off an Overflow error in SLRR editor 2.1.

5.   Posted by hamburper   2018-09-11 01:20    

doesnt work for LE

6.   Posted by kscf31   2018-09-11 02:42    

Doesn't work on BB93's SLRR. Same issue as jannekoskinen

7.   Posted by SLRR_Tester   2018-09-12 20:55    


8.   Posted by paul   2018-09-13 15:11    

fix it please!!!! :pimping:

9.   Posted by blast   2018-09-14 00:43    

Problem was fixed heres the update link *LINK*

10.   Posted by jannekoskinen   2018-09-14 06:04    

thank you blast for the fix

11.   Posted by kry_underbar   2018-11-27 02:10    


12.   Posted by marretapreta   2018-12-01 04:38    


13.   Posted by BADBOY01   2018-12-18 16:39    

thank you

14.   Posted by Racer420   2019-05-12 07:16    

can you send a link for the motors

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