So I decided that I would release this car as is.
It was meant to be a Quick Convert and it got dragged out, and now it's sitting on my hard drive doing nothing.

Naturally I thought well it's been a while since I've released something it might as well be this car.

For starters this car is NOT PERFECT, I will never claim it as such either, it works for me in Valo City and doesn't crash.

- It has light glows
- Stock car that can be bought from the catalog
- Renamed parts
- Standalone car
- Some custom parts

Here are some pics

Enjoy this mod and let's keep this on VStanced, if you decided you are cool enough to upload this to another website make sure you are cool enough to LINK to VStanced and put me as the author.

And if you support my mods, you can always buy me a beer to keep motivated!

1.   Posted by Melo   2013-07-14 14:12    

As Soon You Wrote Is Not Crashing Its A Sign It Will Crash And Yes Its Crashing :P

2.   Posted by thez71guy   2013-08-09 23:08    

this mod works good to me

3.   Posted by thor-04   2015-08-07 18:52    

Very good!! THX

4.   Posted by SilviaS15Lover   2017-06-04 10:57    

what engine does it use in the real life car and in the game?

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