This package include every sound from FM4 engines(also DLCs) and the conversion program(from .fsb to .wma).

Extract the part1 in a folder and read the readme :)

Download(on left column) available only to members.
1.   Posted by Mr Flumb   2013-08-23 21:15    


2.   Posted by JdmSly   2013-08-23 22:54    

SO i can put these in my engines in slrr? <--noob XD (towmv) wont work :P

3.   Posted by g4tnt   2013-08-23 22:59    

kick ass up bb nice one will be a big help :awesome:

4.   Posted by JdmSly   2013-08-23 23:30    

i tried adding the sounds but the sound the same plz to a tut if you have the time thx! :awesome:

5.   Posted by adnan54   2013-08-24 11:05    

:awesome: :awesome:

6.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-08-24 12:50    

@ JdmSly: you need to convert fsb in wma drag and dropping files on the towave.exe, also you need to know a bit of scripting to do a proper job

7.   Posted by th3ma33drift3r   2013-11-05 22:28    

i cant download part 1 thru 4 only 5 and when i extract 5 it says i need the previous one can anyone maybe reupload these

8.   Posted by dannuts96   2013-11-22 21:23    

How i can covert this sounds for my SLRR ?

Can u make a tutorial .

Thx very much :)

9.   Posted by dannuts96   2015-01-06 16:22    

Where i need to put these sounds cause i dont know, help me pls :)

10.   Posted by dowdow   2015-03-07 00:33    

You must know how to script them

11.   Posted by Orbit4L   2015-03-16 00:25    

Thx a lot guy's!

12.   Posted by mrhood11   2015-03-30 17:45    

TUTORIAL PLEASE i wanted the F120A sounds from this game

13.   Posted by greydesigns   2015-11-12 11:58    

The file doesn't seem to be downloading, has the upload expired?

I am working on a car game tech demo in Unreal atm and I would love to use these files in it. If Anyone has a link or copy of the files I would really appreciate it!

Thanks :)

14.   Posted by Wheelie   2016-07-31 01:10    

Sorry for the Bump. I have the accord exhaust but not the intake file?

15.   Posted by N3ZX9R   2016-10-25 19:19    

Hallo guys! I miss the Exhaust Files from the 300ZX! Can someone send me the exh.fsb from 300ZX? Send me please PM and i will send you my email. Thanks!

16.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-12-21 00:52    

The download is still up and working, some sounds are missing just because they used different sounds to make say the intake of a certain other car(like, the alfa romeo giulia uses the sound banks from the bmw E30).

Tutorial here: *LINK*

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