Hey users , i'm gonna comunicate , so many users os SLRRbr are baned , because
before , a lot of members wasn't following the rules
so , the administrator of SLRR decided to ban a lot of users , to evitate this users loggin in the forum with different acounts
so , if you are banned , just creat another acount , and all will be resolved

sorry for bad english

LeoO.! from SLRRbr
1.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-19 12:14    

LOL who/why would ban users like that? another GSM :O

2.   Posted by Franco   2010-05-19 15:05    

no, as they are using a common foru, they used one function that delete all the users with less than 1 post

3.   Posted by LeoO.!   2010-05-19 15:08    

because , a lot of idiot members have entered in the forum with other user acounts

but , i will communicate to the admins reactivate of acounts of members who participate of slrr world , as you , dopey_1974 , and others

4.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-19 15:09    

i was just joking lool ;D i read the post on slrrbr.

5.   Posted by diegorborges   2010-05-19 15:29    

Yeah, thanks LeO for spreading the news and to all Vstanced members, please do your registration again, if you got less than 1 post.

Grudas (Jezuz) and some others may not worry, beause you got more than 1 post.

We did that because of that Lisanty/JDM guy, wich is associated with Toretto and its doing some major mess around the SLRR community.

6.   Posted by Lisanty   2010-05-19 20:13    

first. you do not understand things and think before you speak ....
I am a friend of Toretto yes, I speak with all respect with the community
people like grudaz, roltz, sam c , Noi5eB0mb are some names among several of which I keep to and respecting .....
you are not right to talk about things they do not know .... say things they way they are now .....
until today you are the only user who does not understand the incident in GSM and you keep talking about that..
you can "ban" me but please stop talking crap!..... you said "im doing some major mess around the SLRR community" site at least one problem .....
i just don't get why you are saying such things...
the only people that i have problems with is you diego but i want you to know that i still RESPECT you as a person aswell as a modder....
that other "issues" with your Moderators its because of being rude ....
I always contribute to your forum with posts,mods etc...... That is one thing that you cant say isnt true..come on please...
lets just sit down and talk about what happened, i didn't mean to cause all this....when i said VIP i don't mean VIP as in for few ppl , i meant for me to use only, i wasen't going to release that "mod , and it was bad from me to show this pictures and i apologise , you people just understood me

7.   Posted by diegorborges   2010-05-19 21:09    

No, you didn't respected me or my community. I'm on SLRR business for A LOT LONGER than you think. I have connections and I know what you said about me and the SLRRbr teams and users, and most of them was personal offenses... saying that SLRRbr is your ass, it's not nice. Saying that you gonna make the biggest SLRR site in the world isn't nice too... this way you disrespect even GOM, wich is the base for everyone. You stole rolts positioning scripts and released with your name without giving him credit or permission... You spread the world on SLRRbr that "Toretto's R34 will gonna own robban R34" wich is a disrespect with one of the most respected modders from the SLRR world.

You got pissed because you hadn't been choosen as SLRRbr admin. You came in the first day saying that you pwn the game, that you know everything and that you want to be SLRRbr admin, and with you "we gonna take the world" and you know what I said about.

You are acting like something that you aren't. You don't know 10% of what this game is and you think you are God. So, recruit your army, and good luck building "the biggest slrr site in the world".

I wish you luck. Because you will need. I don't respect you, because you disrespected me and a lot of modders, stealing their parts and showing them as your "VIP" mods.

VIP my ass... that is. Spread here in Vstanced your VIP shit and you gonna be hit.

Good luck.

8.   Posted by Jaziba   2010-05-19 21:10    


9.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2010-05-19 21:20    

lol.. no VIP shit in VSTanced.

10.   Posted by Dopey_1974   2010-05-20 07:29    

PFf, that was alot of reading :D
Well i have nothing to say, i am not a modder/modderator/editor or w/e.
I already happy that i can edit textures (what every retard can, :D)
What i only want to say that i am most active on Vstanced, then GOM and then the other site's
I like(d) SLRRbr cause it is a brazilian site, but with an english language in it, so its easy to read, most other site's are in their own language which i dont understand.
But i admit, i never post one letter there. and i admit also that i DL a car once from that (cause i lost it)
My idea is to be a community whit ALL the sites.
Lets work together.
Otherwise we gonna be haters and that kind of stuff.
Last thing u guy's have to know about respect, i respect everybody haha, i am still a n00b and not the person to place comments or something.
i love all your work.
So....this was my message, time for coffee.

Greets, Michael, the SLRR Grandpa of SLRR :D

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