If anybody created an SLRRbr account and it was not activated yet, please create the account again and some admin/moderator will activate immediatelly.

Thanks for the attention and welcome aboard! :D

Diego R.
1.   Posted by Noi5eB0mb   2010-05-22 11:09    

And if anybody who hasn't seen Diego's post , they had a clean-up recently due to a situation, if you have signed up and have more than one (1) post , then you do not have to worry about your account , but check if it's still activated , they might have deleted it by mistake.To those who had 1 post or no posts , your acc's have been deleted.

Just clearing that out to help Dee :)


2.   Posted by diegorborges   2010-05-24 12:05    

Thank you a lot for the help Noise :P

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