Volkswagen Golf RC3 with update

This is Roli's new RC2, its is not the final, he is still working on that.
Maybe in a couple of months the final will come, but that is not for sure.
This time i have the full 100% permission to upload this update for the MK2

* delete all earlier data of the golf 2 to make this work

This update includes:
* new parts
* the golf Rally
* the golf Bieber
* and more

All credits go to Roli

1.   Posted by manuymilka   2010-05-22 13:54    

is this the RC3 or the RC2 with audio???

2.   Posted by pixi   2010-05-22 14:41    

rc2 with audio i think

3.   Posted by m910   2010-09-28 09:24    

cool i love VW's in my game thanks dude

4.   Posted by TTGBlacky   2010-12-17 00:26    

nice work man

5.   Posted by hakan   2011-08-17 13:32    


6.   Posted by da_dre   2012-10-11 01:06    

this is One of the best mods on slrr (if ur a vw fan. Like me),gr8 mod keep up da good work

7.   Posted by Pljevljak   2012-10-15 19:51    

LINK is not work for me.. :( new link please.. :D

8.   Posted by Z0om3r   2013-04-03 13:12    

yeah new link 'cause megaupload was close about 2 years ago :D

9.   Posted by The1Hairy   2013-04-05 21:53    

new link??

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