Original model made by Street-King, Star hunters converted it but i got bored of playing only with the stock kit so i added a couple kits & spoilers.
There MIGHT be some physic bugs but those can be fixed really quick.
[Model has some left over bits from the mirrors, rear seats and it's not mapped properly, blame Star-Hunters for that since i cannot fix it unless i re-export the whole model]

Thanks to Jaziba & Nitrolancer for helping me

Bumpers, Fenders & Spoilers made by Street-King & Mark-O

1.   Posted by Robustock   2014-02-27 19:43    

Perfect job Remco!

2.   Posted by BluExplosions   2014-02-28 01:59    

What engine is inside that ER34

3.   Posted by Gastroker   2014-02-28 04:08    

its one of the 2jz engines

4.   Posted by stanceRide   2014-02-28 04:56    

can someone give me the link :) tq :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE: :RICE:

5.   Posted by Brandun   2014-02-28 07:42    

yessss. im so glad to get an er34. looks great by the pics. gonna download now and see whats up

6.   Posted by PXRZ   2014-02-28 15:02    

Why does the car not come with the RB26DE even though I added it with a .java?

7.   Posted by RazzleDazzle   2014-02-28 18:13    

where can I get the mod/add on for the oil cooler??

8.   Posted by SketchyCrib   2014-03-01 01:15    

ohhh i think i just came EVERYWHERE. thank you sooo much for making this!!!! BUT if this has GTR badges on the back i will stab you ahahah oh and theres a 32 sedan (coupe stretched to add an extra 2 doors) that is shiiiit you should remodel/rescript it :D ill love you 5ever!!

9.   Posted by florin_ant93   2014-03-09 19:29    

wtf i cant download it from that site, can someone please upload it somewhere else?

10.   Posted by Unseen.   2014-05-03 08:00    

Such a good update :thumbsup:

11.   Posted by Yimaj   2014-06-19 07:55    

great work man!
thank you for sharing

12.   Posted by szxcasr   2014-07-01 03:07    

Can You Upload In Mediafire ??? ;)

13.   Posted by danielryko   2015-03-10 15:12    

upload on mediafire please :D

14.   Posted by Killa_mk3   2015-10-22 02:09    

Nwe link plzzzzz

15.   Posted by Mr. Subaru expert   2016-08-25 14:42    

yeeessss! one of the only japanese sports cars that i actually prefer in sedan form (subaru STI being the other).

16.   Posted by mattiixx3   2018-12-18 19:49    

u have the 2jz in that er right?

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