This is the release of the 2006 Mazda MX5 (NC)
What started out as a fast convert quickly became a car that had to be a proper mod.

Features from this mod

- Standalone, to avoid the crashes with cars that share scripts.
- The catalog is sorted, the stock body parts are seperated from the "aftermarket".
- All the parts in the catalog have been renamed and in general the catalog has been cleaned.
- Light glows are done.
- Car comes build from the catalog
- Custom parts like splitters, wings, aero, bumpers, front-end conversion Mazderati GMXT-5(NCWOT) made by BiggBoss93!

And if you support my mods, you can always buy me a beer to keep motivated!

Any bad things about this mod? Ofcourse, because to be honest it's not done. But its good enough to play around with and it's better off beeing shared with the community then to collect dust on my HDD

Car model by Turn10, texturing/scripting/glows/etc. done by BiggBoss93 and me.

Enough Talking LETS PLAY!

Additional Pictures

1.   Posted by sofianinho   2014-03-19 23:03    

AWESOME :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome:

2.   Posted by KDUB   2014-03-19 23:08    

Nice! What maps is that?

3.   Posted by Jaziba   2014-03-19 23:27    

Pics with the black car are the Test Track, pic with the blue car is Valo City

4.   Posted by Ryancooper   2014-03-19 23:46    

Thanks for releasing this for us!But something went wrong :O

5.   Posted by Jaziba   2014-03-20 00:48    

Obviously that wont work...

There are 2 chassis, 1 for the stock MX5 and 1 for the front end swap.
Yes the parts are interchangable, but im assuming ya'll aint retarded.

If you redownload i fixed some stuff, but from here on what you see is what you get.

6.   Posted by Inline5   2014-03-20 12:48    

Awesome mod with an amazing quality, like all mods from Jaziba :D

7.   Posted by David_2709   2014-03-20 16:23    

Ryancooper, you chose the wrong seats (try the stock one) And the wrong engine :D You have to turn the engine to 90 Degrees, because its a I6. For the Front Bumber i have no Idea :D

8.   Posted by jean_EK9   2014-03-22 23:44    

Brilliant :)

9.   Posted by edi07kehed   2015-07-29 11:49    

ryancooper : don't move the engine with slrr editor, because it can move the bodypart too. only for some mod, not at all.

sorry for my english

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