Nissan Skyline KPG-C110 GT-R, GT-X and DATSUN 240K GT by Svander for SLRR 221 MWM.


Gred's C110 Skyline, remodeled by Bigg Boss93 and Svander converted to SLRR
*Skyline GT-R, GT-X and Datsun 240k GT models
*Many custom parts
*High Quality Phys files
Stock rims pack by Svander
S20 1-pieced engine by Svander and Diegorborges.

Special thanks to:
-Bigg Boss93: For remodelling in first place all C110 old body, and GTX model, also, fully made car phys, new engine sounds and other stuff, he really helped me in this one as he knew it's one of my dream car/mod :)
-Remco: For testing purposes
-Boss Crew: Because I can.

Tip and tricks:

If you want matte paint, chrome or fender flares, you have to go to
**your SL folder**\cars\racers\KPGC110_data\textures\ and open the file "Reflections.rar", there you'll find 3 files
called respectively Reflection_paint.png, Reflection_chrome.png and Reflection_flares.png, export them inside texture
folder and enjoy your matte. When you'll be bored of it just delete those reflection textures and it'll come back
to original reflection.

I hope you like this car as I loved working on it...


1.   Posted by Snowfox   2014-05-27 19:13    

Smexy! downloading it right now! :awesome:

2.   Posted by stonedmonster   2014-05-27 19:14    

awesome downloading now KEEEN :D

3.   Posted by svander   2014-05-27 19:19    

Thanks :)

4.   Posted by PzyDuck   2014-05-27 21:23    

Nice and hot for the comp :)

5.   Posted by Inline5   2014-05-27 23:00    

That thing is sexy :P

6.   Posted by Unseen.   2014-05-28 10:15    

LEGENDARY. :awesome:

7.   Posted by svander   2014-05-28 14:05    

Thanks guys :)

8.   Posted by mtx2games   2014-05-29 00:35    

Nice! :awesome:

9.   Posted by haiii_361   2014-06-21 02:20    

i love it :-X

10.   Posted by edi07kehed   2014-07-01 05:51    

when i'm done make this template, how i use the template to this car?

sorry for my english, i'm indonesian :awesome: :pimping: :awesome:

11.   Posted by Rafi183   2014-07-21 04:58    

hmmm??? u make a template for what?
i dunno understand edi07kehed

my english is bad... i'm indonesian

12.   Posted by Kensupra86   2014-09-15 09:45    

Excellent as always. Gotta love the classics

13.   Posted by AtomicCraZe   2015-01-17 17:00    

Loving the car looks great! :woot:

14.   Posted by edi07kehed   2015-03-09 15:06    

rafi183, u can join us on facebook group if u want :awesome:

15.   Posted by tombaddog   2016-10-18 04:34    


16.   Posted by domcastef   2018-07-22 13:20    

Engine doesn´t work

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