A proper factory built drag car

A Long Awaited car in SLRR
Here's what you get:
the car fully built from the catalog
a set of wheels and tires
a collection of period correct engines including the original engine that came with the car new in 1968-69

here are some photos:
1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-10-22 21:42    

You're the author? You should also upload at least one pic of the mod.

2.   Posted by rtv190   2014-10-22 21:43    

i did upload a picture of the mod

3.   Posted by Daniel   2014-10-22 21:45    

He's not the author. Artem Grechanin a.k.a. FreeMode is the author.

4.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-10-22 22:02    

lol sorry, it is called professional laziness, i copypasted my comment from the other link(it was only for the author obviously tho) xD

5.   Posted by Coprone   2014-10-23 22:42    

Oh my god. It needs other picture as current has that cockzona link...

6.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2014-10-25 14:36    

no url's in the pictures please.. and make sure you get the author right

7.   Posted by rtv190   2014-10-25 22:23    

well i forgot how to take screenshots also BTW it also works on LE2MVM

8.   Posted by AndreasKoistinen   2014-10-26 00:00    

If you "forgot" how to take screenshots, Y U EVEN PLAY? ._.

9.   Posted by bakasashushi   2014-10-31 06:16    

the car fully built from the catalog ? im missing tire in catalog

10.   Posted by nelsontegs   2014-11-22 12:41    

precioso coche, muchas gracaias

11.   Posted by UltimateStance   2015-02-17 09:42    

where are the Fu**ing engines?

12.   Posted by UltimateStance   2015-02-17 09:48    


13.   Posted by Runis971   2015-10-13 19:14    

How do i get the other tyres in this pack to work? like the Hossier tyres please help me someone

14.   Posted by rtv190   2015-11-03 20:30    

all the engines have to be built as a kit

15.   Posted by GramzoV   2015-12-21 15:17    

What tires it uses in drag version? Tested on clean mwm and bb93's slrr with bunch of mods (all tyres i manage to find), but in cataloge drag version of car is still without rear tyres. Sorry for bad english (

16.   Posted by SilviaS15Lover   2016-08-23 10:11    

Should be in the MOPAR drag tyre/rims pack... I guess

17.   Posted by butre   2016-09-26 21:31    

can you reupload? the mediafire link is dead

18.   Posted by Rodmann112312   2017-03-03 13:38    

link is down :(

19.   Posted by Rodmann112312   2017-03-07 05:32    

Fix the link please :crying:

20.   Posted by marnuspoespoes   2017-03-21 12:03    

Link doesn't work

21.   Posted by AIMED55   2017-04-13 03:56    

Yep... update link!!! :headbang:

22.   Posted by AIMED55   2017-04-15 07:20    

Alright.. I found a new link for it!!

23.   Posted by wille_D24   2018-02-20 20:10    

new link

24.   Posted by Creature124   2018-11-14 21:16    

need link

25.   Posted by Creature124   2018-11-14 21:16    

need link

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