So it has been an awesome 5 years! can you believe it? When me and Jaziba sat there on skype chatting about a random website that might be cool for all stance loving people we never thought it'd go this far! :o and Boy did we grow haha, funny thing is that we're still growing.. and starting to out-grow our Hosting provider - whoopsy...! I'd like to give a massive thanks to all the active community members and the leechers for being part of this VStanced thing we've got going! :) it is more about the community, the people and banter and less about Mods! Special thanks of course goes to all the modders who still continue to submit epic mods to VStanced and keep the site alive! :) So our stats for the past year stand at -;

  • ~16000 Members
  • 180K+ Unique visits/month
  • 8TB+ of Bandwidth
  • 70K+ Forum posts with over 6Mil views!

  • And here are our TOP forum spammers...

    #1: Daniel (2895)
    #2: Jesus Christ (2799)
    #3: Bigg Boss93 (2407)
    #4: Jaziba (1228)
    #5: doge (990)
    #6: IceD (949)
    #7: Pro7 (944)
    #8: Facepalm (913)
    #9: Franco (863)
    #10: Robustock (847)

    Again, thanks everyone for participating and being around! ;) Let's see what 2015 brings us!

    1.   Posted by MADAZ_09   2015-04-15 09:10    

    YAAAAAY happy birthday from NZSC :D

    2.   Posted by 900xXREDLINE   2015-04-15 13:04    

    I just signed in to say Happy B-day and let's hope Vstanced will be standing for many years to come cheers

    3.   Posted by MartyTheGamer   2015-04-15 13:05    

    Happy Birthday to all of VStanced! :D Here's for another 5 years!

    4.   Posted by Mario   2015-04-15 13:18    

    I Just opened a beer and saw this :D

    5.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-04-15 13:24    

    Happy birthday to y'all...

    6.   Posted by holeecrab   2015-04-15 13:35    

    happy birthday vs ! :D

    7.   Posted by Ey papa   2015-04-15 15:18    

    Happy Birthday Vstanced, I hope for your birthday is... No more VIP Mods xD

    8.   Posted by Hinata23   2015-04-15 15:47    

    Happy birthday :3 .. now where's the birthday special release? :D

    9.   Posted by Mario   2015-04-15 15:59    

    The gifts first :) Then the cake

    10.   Posted by Tom Diablo   2015-04-15 17:07    

    Happy birthday! :woot:

    11.   Posted by adnan54   2015-04-15 19:45    

    Happy birthday VStanced :awesome:

    12.   Posted by dxg1997   2015-04-15 22:20    

    YEAH! we made it! Woot!! :bananajump: Then , theres us and Gom :catfight: :lol: :ahole:

    13.   Posted by gt3076r   2015-04-15 22:54    


    14.   Posted by Earlnutnarak V2   2015-04-16 01:17    

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    15.   Posted by Supremen96   2015-04-16 12:07    

    Happy B'day! Gift coming soom?

    16.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2015-04-16 13:23    

    are you guys expecting us to gift you something on our birthday? ;) where are our presents!!!! booooo

    17.   Posted by MartyTheGamer   2015-04-16 20:39    

    If it wasn't us VStanced wouldn't still be alive ;). So gib prezent plox

    18.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2015-04-16 23:06    

    of course it would be :P vstanced is life, vstanced is god, vstanced is pizza...! :) community is a big part but vstanced is alive because me, franco, biggboss93 etc have spent lots of time on it and SLR in general.

    19.   Posted by luisdj14   2015-04-17 03:48    

    :doge: awesome

    20.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-04-17 22:46    

    I knew that I should have spammed every single link too much..... :troll:

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