Audi S1, Sport, Ur, A1 & A2 Quattros

Audi Quattro pack released!

Pack includes:

Audi UrQuattro (model by FM3 & me)
Audi Sport Quattro (model by FM3 & me)
Audi Quattro A1 (model by FM3 & me)
Audi Quattro A2 (model by FM3 & me)
Audi S1 (model by FM3 Dirt & me)

Much work was put in this project so all your hating keep for yourself, because not you were working on this, you only testing. If you found bugs post a screen or something.

Known bugs:
Package conflict

Mapping for all models is almost perfect, except the thing that decals becomes blurry. Thats not my fault, because you can make pj by resizing saved pj files (like in one of tutorials said) The Sport quattro paintjob is quite aweful, im not pro in this, all i can is to make 3d pj, thats easier for me.

Chassis has about 18 000 polygons only S1 has 20 000 polygons. All meshes tryed to keep medium poly.

Thanks to:

Maryus_x90 for helping find uvw map problem & for S1 paint job.

Don't upload it anywhere without my permission.


This Quattro is ONLY for SLRR!

Lithuania 2010-08-15
For 2010 convert competition which became Modders battle between Svander and me :D
1.   Posted by Tomi   2010-08-20 19:22    

It says that its private download so i cant load it =(

2.   Posted by GLDrifter   2010-12-01 05:17    

is for 2.2.1 mwm?

3.   Posted by 11591159   2011-12-21 08:12    


4.   Posted by 11591159   2011-12-21 08:12    


5.   Posted by Unseen.   2012-08-22 08:08    

I'll give it a try, thanks for your wonderful mod.

6.   Posted by Rollcage   2013-02-10 17:40    

YES IT WORKS ON MWM I TESTED IT MYSELF! I bought the UrQuattro and striped the brilliant thing such as carpet and door panels(I love all the interior detail parts) and bought racing seats and a steering wheel. Good little rally car. Great job.

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