Mopar or no car

Cool Mod, includes the Challenger T/A, R/T, R/T SE, R/T SIX PACK, perfect for the Chrysler V8 pack from MF :bananajump:
1.   Posted by kameronismyname   2016-02-24 17:44    

what happened to MF

2.   Posted by UltimateStance   2016-03-29 08:25    

Why a re-release? This Challenger is already on 'Cockzona' so why are you spreading yuor shit all over this site too? Go spread your malware someplace else.
And why get this when you can just get it in By Jack V2 PR4? *sigh*

3.   Posted by ZeprarexVII   2016-06-02 14:20    

Stance, just let it go the malware came from cockzona, he uploaded it to a safer place, no need to be a bitch

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