The ultimate Bugatti Veyron Pack

It's been four months and twenty days in development, now the ultimate Bugatti Veyron pack is complete.

The car features:
- High quality models
- 8 chassis models
- Unique tyres
- Unique light glow orbs
- Unique horn sound
- Full dashboard lighting
- Electric windows with animation
- Wing with 3 animations
- Brake calipers with 8 and 6 pistons
- HD paint mapping
- All custom physics
- Real scale in-game
- Real specs
- Unique W16 engine
- Semi-reflective mirrors
and more...
1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-07-05 17:15    

Let me do pros/cons chart.

- not one piece engine - you can assembly it from scratch;
- all models from the first, 2005 Veyron to 2015 Finale;
- seems to be finished (in term of things like glows, physics, etc.);
- doesn't crash (in short-term test, didn't tested in Valo races/career), cars come fully assembled;
- bling-bling stuff like electric windows (which nobody cares about, but it's still nice to have them).

- MATERIALS! Carbon looks chrome, paint looks chrome, chrome looks pale... (PM me with .max files and I can try to fix them);
- no custom parts. There is the Racecar version, but it's not what I'd call custom parts. Also engine lacks customisation. There's no tuner of Bugatti engines (Bugatti doesn't even let you to AFAIK) but in the end it's SLRR;
- speaking of the Racecar, it looks simply ridiculous. Like it is from WR2 concepts group.
- car wiggles at higher speeds (from approx 350KM/h)

2.   Posted by Andy_Brazil   2016-07-05 17:31    

Dear KeeJay,
"Which nobody cares about", you mean, you don't care about right?

Materials, you should try to fix your SLRR or enb if you use or maybe your gpu configs,
have you downloaded the HD envmaps or are you using generic ones?
The car has been tested in 4 computers here and all looks fine.

Customization, maybe I launch some update with parts...

The car wiggles at high speed because you are using steering help, turn it off!

3.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-07-05 18:33    

Well, you know - the windows are nice, but I don't see any real use for it. Materials - you can see it on your pics too (here). Carbon is supposed to be just a little glossy, you know ;)
And no, I don't use ENB and I'm using really good ENV maps (BB's SLRR).

And about the steering help - I didn't knew that was the issue :O

4.   Posted by BLiTZ   2016-07-05 18:38    

crashes every time as I try to click on the full vehicle so I can buy it (BB's SLRR) without any errors in the log

5.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-07-05 18:47    

I have no problems, are you sure you have everything from the pack?

Also, @Andy_Brazil - more comparison pics: *LINK* *LINK* *LINK* *LINK* (don't mind lack of AA though)

6.   Posted by dowdow   2016-07-05 18:59    

Amazing job.. Dis engine is So huge :o very good work nice nice !!

7.   Posted by Andy_Brazil   2016-07-05 19:09    

@KeeJay Its too shine because the BB93 envmap has too much contrast, the reflection amount on the Bugatti were made to work with my HD envmaps (25%)... Different from other cars that are almost matte painted :/
The real Bugatti carbon is too much glossy!
Carbon: Image
Paint: Image
Yeah steering help is a pain in the *** at high speeds xD

@BLiTz Check your installation, the only thing the car require from the base game is the suspension...

8.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-07-05 19:43    

Can you link me your HD envmaps?

(I will leave the fact that ENV maps are supposed to be contrasting AND SS's body carbon is still painted with transparent coat, and normal carbon is much less glossy, as a little rough plastic)

9.   Posted by Andy_Brazil   2016-07-05 20:06    

Sure! HD envmaps
It's on the Read-me file with the mod btw xD

All the Bugatti carbon parts are finished in transparent coat...
Look a rear bumper diffuser: Here and Here ;)

Of course the raw carbon fiber is less glossy, but there is none on the Bugatti...
What we could expect from a 2.7 million dollar car?
Even in other cases they don't use it raw... Look

@dowdow Thanks man!

10.   Posted by dowdow   2016-07-05 20:36    

You're welcome! your work is amazing !

11.   Posted by ShadowTuner   2016-07-06 02:56    

absolutly awsome mate! only a few minor things that bother me, the tires for the 21's are missing ( unless i missed something ) and not being able to repaint the car when you take another model than the stock one or the race one ( again unless i missed something ofc ) other than that one of the best mods of the moment imo!

12.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-07-06 07:58    

I believe 21" tires are in 20" section

13.   Posted by Andy_Brazil   2016-07-06 10:44    

The 21" tyres are in the 20" section of the catalogue due to the game catalog ids (that is messy and auto arrange the tyre sizes in the sections).
Also in Running gear kits (when you have the car) there is tyre sets for the Bugatti with 4 tyres (20" and 21").

The only 2 models that are not paintable are the Grand Sport Sang Bleu and La Finale due to carbon fiber textured body.

Thanks bro! =D

14.   Posted by ShadowTuner   2016-07-07 09:46    

aight thanks for the info ^^! keep it up man!

15.   Posted by BoostedEg6Hatch   2016-08-02 17:18    

This mod is actually one of the best mods ive ever downloaded :pimping:
PS: How do you use the windows?

16.   Posted by Andy_Brazil   2016-08-14 22:43    

Thanks bro! ;)

17.   Posted by Andy_Brazil   2016-08-14 22:43    

Thanks bro! To open and close the windows just click on them with the tune tool when in the garage...

18.   Posted by mukola2296   2016-08-19 08:50    

crashes when entering the tire catalog. help!

19.   Posted by MarilynXRManson   2016-08-20 16:29    

this mod is so cool i love the amount details and the fact the game still runs smooth even thouhg the mod is so big

20.   Posted by Tek-Tek   2016-12-23 11:19    

Does this work for 2.3.1?


21.   Posted by Tek-Tek   2016-12-23 11:19    

Does this work for 2.3.1?


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