Mazda Miata

Créditos: NFS 2015, Forza,Franco and Thyago95
1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-08-16 17:21    

Wait. It's from new NFS?

PS: Could you change some names in catalog? Because it seems to be mess.

2.   Posted by careerfire   2016-08-16 18:27    

How dare you release this while I'm a work lol. JK. only 4 hours to go till I'm off.

3.   Posted by thyago95   2016-08-16 20:32    

some kits missing one yet
ye but too lazy ahah

4.   Posted by VFLUSH   2016-08-16 22:41    

Is it possible to merge meshes with the original Miata mod ?

5.   Posted by NoPointOfThis123   2016-08-17 01:23    

Which version is this for?

6.   Posted by thyago95   2016-08-17 01:42    

probably but i guess is more easy use mine no?
2.2.1 mwm

7.   Posted by careerfire   2016-08-17 01:46    

I tried it with BB93 SLRR 2015(2.2.1MWM) but i keep crashing and i go to the error log and get this:
!Class not found: in file "" at line 552
!JVM::getClass: class "" not found in file "" at line 552
!vm_set_float_field: unknown field:;/0
!Class not found: in file "" at line 552
!JVM::getClass: class "" not found in file "" at line 552
!Cannot parse class "" in file "" at line 552
!Class not found: in file "" at line 552
!JVM::getClass: class "" not found in file "" at line 552
!Cannot parse class "" in file "" at line 552
!Class not found: in file "" at line 14
!JVM::getClass: class "" not found in file "" at line 14
!Cannot parse class "" in file "" at line 14

8.   Posted by MrMiata   2016-08-17 14:13    

i got the same error

9.   Posted by ramalhinho07   2016-08-18 21:54    

@Careerfire, add the original Duhen car to the racers folder and you won't get that error again

10.   Posted by careerfire   2016-08-19 00:03    

@ramalhinho07, Thank you, that worked.

11.   Posted by UltimateStance   2016-08-19 12:59    

You've scripted this really shit. You've basically just used the Duhen base scripts, when it requires the original Franco MX-5 scripts to actually run. I managed to fix it, however. But you didn't even include that the DS LGT Headcovers are required for it to be complete in the catalog.

If you're thinking of dling this mod, don't. It's the same as the old one, just without the pickup option and with some stupid stickers on the windows.

But if you really want it, here's a fix.

12.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-08-19 14:56    

Also it has many new parts, but who cares...

13.   Posted by thyago95   2016-08-19 21:36    

about came stock for buy is a easy fix and no dont need the mx-5 franco original scripts for me work and i dont have maybe need the duhen ye because i have to use some base of course and is a 4 days mod

14.   Posted by Sam C   2016-08-24 07:34    

If I could make a suggestion?

Can you include the fastback tail lights and cover panel that were in the original one?
Are you able to make the Tan interior less "yellow" ?

Apart from this, awesome mod. Nice to have a high poly MX5, stickerable windows are a bonus too.

Also a hakosuka spoiler would be awesome :D

15.   Posted by thyago95   2016-08-24 17:54    

i will put more parts for sure
only need to change the textures
thanks :D

16.   Posted by VFLUSH   2016-08-27 19:35    

I'm only getting a overflow error over and over like the hell ?

17.   Posted by tombaddog   2016-10-18 04:33    

love it

18.   Posted by Syd   2017-01-22 11:25    

Unless I done something wrong - But There's no engine?? It has all of the aftermarket parts, just no engine!

Any assistance please?

19.   Posted by Zero   2017-03-26 16:53    

Literally wont let me edit the engines in SLRReditor. Help?

20.   Posted by kscf31   2017-04-09 01:36    

Yup, can't get this to work in SLRReditor. Please help!

21.   Posted by hugap   2017-09-04 09:39    


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