GM LS Series

GM LS Series
-BB93 for original LS3
-Tipi for 3D
-Gorgoil (Me) for put in game and some specs
-Oxman99 for real specs and names for all LS engines

This is a update to BB93's LS3 engine, it got almost every GM LS engine with real specs, and a lot of parts and setups!
It's not done and probably won't be finished, because personal reasons from me and tipi!



1.   Posted by jman0101   2016-11-19 11:34    

link dose not work

2.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-11-19 11:39    

I'm pretty sure both work

3.   Posted by Phrossi   2016-11-19 14:30    

the 4shared link works, but the mediafire one is set to private

4.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-11-19 14:45    

Oh, right. Fixed ;)

5.   Posted by Alexkiller3   2016-11-19 16:18    


6.   Posted by casititas   2016-11-19 16:21    

Good job tipi xD

7.   Posted by SVS   2016-11-19 17:37    

Great job

8.   Posted by rinehbri5292   2016-11-20 01:52    

Nice. Been using BB93 LS3 alot lately and it is one of the best. This seems like a extremely needed update tho.

9.   Posted by careerfire   2016-11-20 01:58    

I'm having issues with it. I keep getting an error saying the .cfg files are missing.

10.   Posted by rinehbri5292   2016-11-20 02:05    

do you have BB93 original LS3 engine, along with this pack?

11.   Posted by rinehbri5292   2016-11-20 02:05    

And are you replacing the files that have the same names, or are you keeping all the files?

12.   Posted by rinehbri5292   2016-11-20 02:19    

Im missing alot of parts. is there a possible solution to this? or am i stupid and install it completely wrong?

13.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-11-20 10:10    

Delete BB's LS3 and install this one, don't overwrite it

14.   Posted by DHR   2016-11-23 19:52    

Awesome work!

15.   Posted by lauroc322   2016-11-26 12:06    

parts don't show up in the v8 catalog, I can buy the crate engine and most parts show up in the v16 catalog but no turbos and other stuff

16.   Posted by devilrider666   2016-11-30 13:52    

i get this error everytime i try an open performance section in catalog........ Syntax error in "parts\engines\LS3\scripts\src\" at line 1

17.   Posted by devilrider666   2016-11-30 14:58    

error has been fixed, but missing just about every turbo part. turbos, intercooler, piping etc. maybe a few intakes an other misc parts.

18.   Posted by hitman3695   2016-12-10 03:46    

It'd be better if the turbos actually increase the power of the engines and showed boost.
Good mod though :) :)

19.   Posted by coolcat2014   2016-12-17 23:55    

I love this mod but i can only buy the crate ones and some parts in the v16 catalog but not all parts seperately :9

20.   Posted by SupraX   2016-12-20 05:23    

dope af.

21.   Posted by Stevo2   2017-04-07 16:46    

One of the best engine mods available IMHO.. works perfectly for me, can build 1000HP motor for less than $8,000.
Great detail, so many Crank/Rod/Piston/Cam options to experiment with.. Love it!

22.   Posted by 96gtguy   2017-05-21 22:17    

Can't get blocks, cranks, rods, turbos, or superchargers to show up in the catalog. Anybody know how to fix? I've tried everything.

23.   Posted by Nedstark234   2017-07-17 20:20    

Can't get the mod to work

24.   Posted by ChattyBeast   2017-10-23 13:12    

Is this like BB's LS3 in the way that you can't use SLRREditor with it?

25.   Posted by SSAHSV   2018-12-25 08:07    

Nothing shows up in catalouge. tried everything possible. please help. need this mod so bad

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