Opel Manta 400

Some historic facts about the car:
In 1979, Opel collaborated with German tuner Irmscher and Cosworth in UK to create the Opel Manta 400.
Irmscher designed the exterior and interior of the Manta 400. Cosworth built a 2.4-litre engine that was
mounted with the 16-valve head to provide massive output, and the opportunity to make several tune-ups
for the rally drivers.

Author of 3D model: Codemasters (DiRT 3)
Conversion for SLRR: Michael Shinoda
Release picture: Vasya Ivanov
Special thanks: Vasya Ivanov, Mike Hexor and Maxim Tiranov

Features of the mod:
-Custom scripts
-Custom lights
-Custom physics
-Completely new *.rpk file
-No crashes in SLRR races
-4 types of wheels
and more...

All DiRT 3 liveries can be found in ..\Opel_Manta_400_data\textures\liveries folder.

If you have suggestions or have found a bug you can leave a comment about it on SLRR_FXD Team VK page.

Have fun!
1.   Posted by SupraX   2017-01-01 05:22    

soo cool :thumbsup:

2.   Posted by Hammoudabidi   2017-01-23 17:36    

nice work man

3.   Posted by Radarovich01   2017-02-18 01:51    

i dont know what the fuck you guys are talking about. this mod is nothing like it seems. it crashes almost everytime and when it doesnt, the physics are garbage and none of the parts are placed properly

4.   Posted by Radarovich01   2017-02-18 01:52    

it may be because im on 2.3.0le

5.   Posted by StratoWolf   2017-09-18 19:49    

Someone should make an original Manta

6.   Posted by NK748   2018-08-29 09:42    

I don't understand how to apply livery, my car comes white/paintable

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