SLRR Light Edition

by Michael Shinoda

Main features:

- based on BB93 v1.1 and includes all of its changes
- uncompressed game weighs 256 mb, compressed 94 mb
- the ability to use modifications from 2.3.0 LE
- made completely new interface
- improved overall stability of the game
- by default the game has 3 engines and 1 car
- the game is fully compatible with mods except MW_Mod.rpk file


- no more crashes in the city, at dealers and on the tracks due to the bad quality mods:
-- which means that now you walkthrough the game without losing progress
- completely new headlights and navigator scripts:
-- fixed crash caused by navigator
-- fixed inability to turn on the lights at a certain time
- improved video settings:
-- textures and shadows resolution increased to 8192 px
-- view distance increased to 10000 m
-- added the ability to disable track fog
- improved the painter mode scripts, now it working faster
- improved the mechanic mode scripts:
-- fixed inability to sell single part in the inventory without dragging it to the button
-- fixed loss of controlling car by mouse when using the mechanic mode on the track
-- fixed disappearance of parts from inventory when using the mechanic mode on the track
-- fixed duplication of parts in the inventory
- fixed "mad" cursor in the garage (when it was difficult to select the car part)
- many other small fixes and improvements


- the position of the standard osd elements adapted for 16:9 screens
- all standard wheels were replaced by steelies and don't appear in the catalog
- high-quality textures of asphalt and some objects in the city and on the tracks
- shadows for traffic cars and some objects in the city
- completely new garage
- new battery model
- new catalog


- add money and save game buttons in the garage
- parts position scripts with the possibility of changing the accuracy
- added the ability to disable the adjustability of the hood, trunk and doors
- extended possibilities of engine parts tuning:
-- adjustable fuel type script
-- adjustable engine block deck height and bore, cylinder head valve diameters and supercharger pulley diameter
- adjustable standard suspension, shocks, springs and swaybars
- F6 and F7 keys to the car on track repair duplicated by F10 and F11
- the ability to enter the garage from Track Selector
- the ability to disable police chase on the Test Track
- the ability to disable Time Attack on the Nevada Desert
- the ability to disable day and night races in Valo City
- Drift Mode setting which increases tire grip
- the ability to disable driver model from the options menu
- working swaybars script which can be turned off from the options menu
- the ability to customize the game interface


- standard cars, wheels, wings and some other parts
- Destruction Tools and the car jack

Patch 1.01 fixes:

- fixed incorrect track fog behavior on low view distances
- values of Real and Emulated FFB Strength in the options menu have been adjusted
- fixed a bug causing the game to crash due to incorrect parts kits scripts
- other small cosmetic changes


FallVL - Frontend Textures
Lyoncha - Navigator and Lights Scripts
Mindeliszz - Swaybars Sripts
MisterSir - Suspension Scripts
Apendix - Adjustable Engine Scripts
RAXAT - Garage Cursor Fix
G4TNT - NOS Flames Texture
BenyUK - Lights and Smoke Textures
Jack_1990 - Catalog Kit Texture
Andrey Sych - Steelies Model
GTR-X-ITE - Edited Objects
Vasya Ivanov - Testing, Help and Support
Maxim Tiranov - Testing, Help and Support
Nikita Vishnyovsky - Testing, Help and Support
Grisha Fagradyan - Testing, Help and Support
Markovich Lazar - Testing, Help and Support
Konstantin Kosov - Testing, Help and Support

Download mirrors:

- Mirror 1:
- Mirror 2:
- Mirror 3:
- Mirror 4:

Patch 1.01 downloads:

- Mirror 1:
- Mirror 2:

Patch 1.01 notes:

- included to the main game archive since 24/Aug/2017
- if you had any extras from Optional Downloads section installed, you have to download and install them again

See also:

- SLRR FXD Team VK page
- SLRR Light Edition VK page
1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-01-27 18:30    

That seems interesting, i'll have a try asap. :)

2.   Posted by Lagano   2017-01-27 20:28    

A lot of little things and fixes make everything so much better. I like it.

3.   Posted by Renaruto   2017-01-28 12:46    

I already have a bug lol. It doesn't start. Nothing loads up.

But from what I've read it sounds like a really awesome base. :P


My PC is running on Win10. Already tried to run it in compability mode and with "run as administrator" ticked.
As soon as I double click the .exe it loads up something for 1 sec but nothing happens. It doesn't even show anything in the task manager.
Also no error log.

4.   Posted by MikeShinodaSLR   2017-01-28 16:58    

Thanks for your replies! I'm glad you liked the main idea of this SL version.
Renaruto, I'll test the game on Win10 again, but it works perfect on my mate's machine with Win10 installed. Are other SLRR versions running OK on your PC?

5.   Posted by shawnfaya   2017-01-28 19:24    

it works good on my pc i have w10 pro

6.   Posted by Neutral   2017-01-29 06:04    

i have a problem on mine. when i first time played it the game was fine. then after i change the weight of my beetle with slrr editor,it crashes everytime i'm trying to load my career

7.   Posted by Renaruto   2017-01-29 11:03    

Yeah for example the normal version of BB's works fine for me. :/

8.   Posted by MikeShinodaSLR   2017-01-29 23:19    

Thank you all for your reports!
Renaruto, I tested it on 4 different machines with Win10 onboard and there was no any crashes. Try to redownload the game in case of broken archive. If this doesn't help, use the .exe from BB's game, the only difference from mine is the OSD position and the file icon.
Neutral, I had a similar problem once, but I couldn't reproduce the bug, so I think it caused by some memory management issues in the .exe file. But I'll try to check if this problem is caused by my scripts.

9.   Posted by Johny_Bravo   2017-02-01 07:53    

I'm simply in love with this game, it support ALL the mods that were crashing on other versions (like the Golf MK2 crashing on MWM and BB93 SLRR since 3 weeks ago, and it works now, also, the Fiat 131 is working for the first time of all games I ever tried).
Thank you so much, and congratulations for the great work!

10.   Posted by MikeShinodaSLR   2017-02-01 21:08    

Johny_Bravo, thank you! I'm glad that you like it!

11.   Posted by thor-04   2017-02-01 23:37    

woah this looks so good i'm going to test it tomorrow :thumbsup:

12.   Posted by thor-04   2017-02-03 18:42    

It's excellent

13.   Posted by Sleepin mOnkey   2017-02-07 19:47    

For sure deserve a try (specialy when my game decided to crash) :D

14.   Posted by onevia   2017-02-13 04:46    

was wondering if anyone elses game loses all textures when lowering the view distance to under 900 since this always happens and its getting annoying having to exit and adjust the view distance after leaving valo

15.   Posted by MikeShinodaSLR   2017-02-13 14:55    

onevia, wow, this is really strange bug. It can be caused by high poly meshes or high quality textures that are too heavy for the game. Try to lower shadow and texture detail and set the loading primary to low.

16.   Posted by onevia   2017-02-13 23:34    

*LINK* still having the same problem with no shadows , lowest texture detail and low loading primary :(. never experienced this on any other version

17.   Posted by MikeShinodaSLR   2017-02-14 19:27    

onevia, try to disable the track fog in advanced game options menu. Unfortunately I have no any other ideas at this moment. However I'll let you know if I find the solution.

18.   Posted by onevia   2017-02-15 23:52    

disabling track fog seems to have worked. just realized my tire marks and smoke have disappeared for some reason :facepalm:

19.   Posted by PapaColly   2017-02-16 06:05    

Lovin it so far, few bugs here and there like crashing when leaving the garage to the main menu.

20.   Posted by MikeShinodaSLR   2017-02-16 19:45    

onevia, seems the bug with fog remained from SLRR by BB93, cause I didn't touch this part of the game. And I hope that the problem with smoke and tire marks is also solved now.
PapaColly, for me it never crashed when leaving the garage to the main menu, so I can't say what is the cause. Check your error.log file, if the bug caused by javas, it will not be empty (at least in most cases).

21.   Posted by grimthekidd   2017-03-15 20:19    

Most stable version of slrr doesn't crash even with tons of mods brilliant job man

22.   Posted by Princevolution   2017-03-24 00:03    

Can you tell me how do i take the save in the garage option to my version of slrr?

23.   Posted by MikeShinodaSLR   2017-03-26 11:49    

grimthekidd, thanks man!
Princevolution, take the button from the file.

24.   Posted by Princevolution   2017-04-07 04:59    

By the way,This is the best SLRR out there,It just combine the best slrr(BB's) with all the most needed features that should be in BB's SLRR,If anyone is reading this,You'll definitely need this!

25.   Posted by VStanced VStanced   2017-04-22 16:39    

Everytime i install this to my computer and if I add couple of mods , like toyota supra MK.IV from Juiced 2 , then when i am buying supra in garage game crashes , or when entering track. Help?

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