New things added to the 4A-GE


New update for the 4A-GE. Some new things and fixes :
-6 speed adjustable transmission
-6 speed adjustable fwd transmission
-2 turbo setups
-3 turbos
-High rev forged block
-Beams 3SGE headcover
-Silver top headcover
-Completely new sound

Credits :
-Base engine by TimEK9 , edited by JDW , fixed by mindeliszz
-Transmission scripts by BB93
-Stage 2 turbo setup by Jok3r
-Silver top headcover by JDW
-Sounds by 9KRpm and Driftmonkey
-Turbo specs by Driftmonkey
-Some little fixes by Driftmonkey
-FWD transmission meshe by OwnzzGames
-Beams headcover by Dowdow and Hermann
-Edit by EliasFD3S

For VK , Modzona and NyanKiki :
Please , respect the authors and dont re-upload this mod without quoting all the authors.

1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2018-10-23 14:51    

Well done mah boy :D

2.   Posted by OwnzzGames   2018-10-23 14:53    

:D nice work dude

3.   Posted by EliasFD3S   2018-10-23 14:57    

Thx Boss ! @Bigg Boss93
Thx bro , and thx for your help @OwnzzGames

4.   Posted by BigSmoke   2018-10-23 14:57    

Massive work, well done!

Also, IIRC the original ones has 4A-GZE superchargers. Is it still there?

5.   Posted by EliasFD3S   2018-10-23 14:59    

Yep ! Thx [email protected] Smoke

6.   Posted by Driftmonkey06370   2018-10-23 15:02    

yep, all stock parts are still here, but you have now all old and new 4A-GE parts + fix and new spec in this mod

7.   Posted by ccp   2018-10-23 15:34    

is compatible (come install) which the old ae 96 mod?

8.   Posted by ccp   2018-10-23 15:34    


9.   Posted by EliasFD3S   2018-10-23 15:40    

Yep @ccp

10.   Posted by MajsterUopata   2018-10-23 17:51    

First time Ive done an rally spec supercharged SX4 and that damn whine scared the shiet out of me XD

11.   Posted by Yeetful0   2018-10-23 18:49    

Dang! Looks fly, brother!

12.   Posted by EliasFD3S   2018-10-23 18:49    

Thanks bro @Fireful0 !

13.   Posted by Uyq2jz   2018-10-23 23:46    

Where do I put the addon folder?

14.   Posted by EliasFD3S   2018-10-24 00:17    

In the main folder of the game @Uyq2jz

15.   Posted by kscf31   2018-10-24 01:27    

Any chance the full src's will be released?

16.   Posted by kscf31   2018-10-24 02:36    

It seems like the engine is supposed to be able to handle up to 12k, but can only handle up to 9k. If you could release the src's so I could mess with it, that'd be great ;) haha

17.   Posted by Driftmonkey06370   2018-10-24 10:10    

@kscf31 only the forged block can handle 12k, the stock block handle 9k

18.   Posted by EliasFD3S   2018-10-24 11:29    

We cant release the full source because the full source doesnt exist. We only have the SRC of what we added @kscf31

19.   Posted by gatekeeper   2018-10-29 04:04    

Excellent job

20.   Posted by EliasFD3S   2018-10-29 11:22    

Thx ! @gatekeeper

21.   Posted by chr1571ne   2018-11-01 03:06    

Why I can’t put it in the AE86?

22.   Posted by EliasFD3S   2018-11-01 17:11    

Use SLRR Editor @chris1571ne

23.   Posted by andrerk28   2018-11-03 06:01    

can someone helpe me? my engine has no sound

24.   Posted by EliasFD3S   2018-11-03 10:39    

Put the "addon" folder in your main SLRR directory. It should be working now @andrerk28

25.   Posted by Outlaw_Racer   2018-11-04 10:31    

why does a toda exhaust n/a engine dont make sound after releasing gas while revving in neutral gear

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