No jokes this time.
Many people ask me for this, and since a lot of already has it, I decided to make a "formal" release because I'm tired.
This is my favorite car ever, so I challenged myself to do my best at this mod.
Im trying my best to keep in a similar level than RedCarDriver's R33 mod.
It is far from being finished, but is already cool xD




-All stock parts
-Striped interior
-GTT front bumper
-Nismo body kit
-Abflug body kit
-Top Secret body kit
-BN Sports body kit
-Jun body kit
-Rocket Bunny type 1 body kit
-Rocket Bunny type 2 body kit (single piece)
-Uras GT body kit (single piece)
-Ford GT500 front swap (single piece)
-Nissan R33 front swap (single piece)
-Custom front quarterpanels
-Aerospeed front quarterpanels
-Nabz custom front quarterpanels
-Nismo front quarterpanels
-Rocket Bunny front/rear fenders
-Custom rear fenders type 1
-Custom rear fenders type 2
-Nismo rear fenders
-Nismo hood
-Top Secret hood
-Extreme Dimensions hood
-Garage Mak hood
-Custom clean trunk
-Hood & trunk pins
-Top Secret wing
-326power wing
-Forza wing
-Jun wing
-Custon high stands wings
-Ducktail trunk type 1
-Ducktail trunk type 2
-Mines mirrors
-Ganador mirrors
-Craft Square mirrors
-Ichigo mirrors (Silvia s15)
-3 custom rollcages
-Decorative turbocharger
-Drag exhaust pipe
-Mines muffler
-HKS muffler
-Nos/Zex/Edelbrock caniasters
-R32/R33/R35 rims
-Decalcable windows
-Paintable headlights
-Drag headlights
-Blue/red/yellow headlights lamps
-Tinted/yellow/decalcable headlights glass
-Headlights eyelids
-Led taillights
-Black taillights
-Mines taillights
-Nismo steering wheel
-Top Secret steering wheel
-Momo steering wheel
-Nismo seats
-GTT seats
-Recaro seat
-Custom front bashbar
-Some tow hooks
-There is a lot of more parts (291 in total)


Stock colors from catalog/dealership
- Rims
- Brakes
- 3D tire
- A lot of custom parts
- Custom flares/glows
- Custom reflections for all materials (you can change/remove if you dont like)
- Custom cameras
- Custom physics
- Perfect handling
- Compatible with VStanced HD Plates
- Compatible with SLRR 2.3.1


-A lot

To do:

-A lot

Special thanks:

-Charles Linck (for the pics)
-Anderson Oliveira
-Nabz ( *LINK* )
-StreetKings Workshop
-Everyone who helped and tested and suggested things and etc :D

Needs to know:

-THIS MOD IS UNFINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I'd say it is 30% or something)
-I've put some real effort on this mod, I hope you like it :)
-Although it is unfinished, it is not going to crash your game (I hope)
-I'll not release anything more related to this mod until it is 100% (which can take 10 years or more)
-UV maps can be found here: ( *LINK* )
1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2018-10-29 13:22    


2.   Posted by NK748   2018-10-29 14:42    

Thanks! Some fresh and quality new mod is what we need :D

3.   Posted by hamburper   2018-10-30 00:09    


4.   Posted by Luke23_32   2018-10-30 00:58    

if this is 30%, then i'm afraid of what the full version is gonna look like... Insane work! This is going to be awesome!

5.   Posted by Porsche911man   2018-10-31 08:22    

A properly done R34 is what has been needed(Even if it's unfinished)

6.   Posted by Dopey_1974   2018-11-03 12:26    

Too bad it crashes my game...but looks nice

7.   Posted by Dopey_1974   2018-11-03 12:40    

Update: It's working LOL. When i used SLRR Editor. Going to try it now. Thanks

8.   Posted by alertthepro   2018-11-05 00:28    

How did you fix it? Mine crashed, but I don't know what's causing it.

9.   Posted by Sleepin mOnkey   2018-12-08 17:13    

4 door please sir

10.   Posted by Theon1500   2019-07-20 14:42    

great work

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