As we go into 2019, I'd love to suggest something to this community that I wanted to do since 2016!


Evenin', lads! Since the planning for a new VStanced x SLRR Stance Nation GTA Online meet is still on hold, I might have another suggestion/idea that I would really love to try out!

Some of you may know the YouTuber "FailRace", as he even uploaded some SLRR videos back in the day, and maybe you have even seen his "Survive The Hunt" videos he made in GTA Online, Forza Horizon and various other games. I attached his first GTA Online Hunt video as an example.

Anyways, since I don't have like 10 or 15 people on hand who would join in on a replication of this, I figured I might aswell ask you guys in here! This is something I have wanted to try out for ages and I would love to finally have a go at it with more than 5 people!

So if anyone has genuine interest in this kind of challenge/game, please discuss it in the comments. We could figure out which game to use for it, when to do it and whoever wants to join adds me on the respective game or platform.

For the execution, I can offer a TeamSpeak 3 server that has enough slots to fit about 15 to 20 people for this plan. If that doesn't work for anyone, we can still switch over to Discord!

I'd love to get at least about 8-10 people motivated to do this with me, and you may of course feel free to share this around (maybe just copy the text, because I think you can't share posts from this group elsewhere afaik).

Anyways, please do watch the video, and consider watching more "Survive the Hunt" videos of FailRace, as he added some twitches in various videos.

Thanks so much for reading through this and I hope we'll get this thing rolling!

Have a fantastic new year and all the best wishes for 2019, everyone!

1.   Posted by MartyTheGamer   2019-01-03 01:25    


I'd love to participate in this! I tried a few games one or two years ago on a GTA Online related Discord server, but it was ruined by people who didn't know the rules or just misbehaved.

Would absolutely love to do it with people who knows how it works.

2.   Posted by Kirby.N   2019-02-07 11:20    

Hi, I'm searching for people too, so just tell me ur TS and we meet there :)
( Kirby.N on rockstar )

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