Ford Mustang Foxbody edit by Defiant, original mod by RedCarDriver.

This mod adds a bunch of racing parts to the original Foxbody Mustang mod. These parts include custom hoods, carbon fiber doors, original wheels, spoilers, a made-to-fit roll cage and seats, removable interior pieces, lexan windows, custom tube frames and tubbed wheel arches. It also comes more complete from the catalog as accurately as I could make it. All hand modeled by me so not everything will be 100% perfect but I tried my best.

I unfortunately don't have much time for SLRR projects so I'm releasing this as a BETA. Please understand that it's far from perfect. It has missing meshes and some chassis mesh issues but should be bug free overall. This mod just builds on top of the original so you will have to delete the original and start a new save game. If your game is compatible with the original mod then it'll be compatible with this as well.

Hopefully in the future I will be able to provide a DLC for this car with complete parts but for now enjoy this one. It's currently at about 80-90% completion so don't expect too much from this mod.

Anyway HUGE thanks to RedCarDriver for allowing this mod to be possible.
1.   Posted by wille_D24   2019-03-07 10:00    

what weels are you using?

2.   Posted by TrueMZFK   2019-03-18 19:01    

Weld Racing Prostar,from this pack *LINK*

3.   Posted by TrueMZFK   2019-03-18 19:29    

This is Weld Racing Prostar, from this pack *LINK*

4.   Posted by NinetySixGT   2019-04-24 02:43    

At this point, I have only found two issues that don't break it but are visually annoying. The black plastic trim appears as gloss, and the Passenger Side GT sideskirt appears as matte. Overall I love the mod and can finally make my dad's 1991 GT in a game! All I need is a Saleen wing then I'll be able to replicate his '87 Notchback :thumbsup:

5.   Posted by DFRacing98   2019-06-11 14:10    

woah what tires are those?

6.   Posted by Nucleak   2019-06-20 21:09    

Amazing mod, love the detail. Just wish you could strip the dash.

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