**this is an old mod and one of my first ever so keep this in mind**

This mod is based on the original K series by blast, so BIG thanks to blast for giving me his max sources and java sources which allowed me to make this mod possible.

Also another big thanks to RedCarDriver for the engine specifications.


This mod has been 100% reworked. MOST meshes and textures are new! Very few were reused but even those had been edited heavily.

-2 turbo kits and one non-intercooled option
-Supercharger kit with reworked parts
-SEVERAL different exhaust options
-SEVERAL different intake options including ITBs and ram scoops for drag racing
-New transmissions
-New engine internals
-Multiple fuel rails
-New clutch and flywheel
-Reworked valve covers with custom carbon and decaled options
-The spark plug covers are detachable and include custom options
-Oil catch cans and PCV filters
+MANY more parts that I don't feel like writing

I have included only 9 engine kits, there are enough parts to easily make more than 15 but don't be lazy and build the engine yourself :P

Each part affects performance and has many detachable options.


Put "SeriesKhonda" folder and "SeriesKhonda.rpk" into parts/engines

Put the "Sounds" in your main SLRR folder.

That's it! Enjoy and have fun.

blast for the original K series files
RedCarDriver for the specifications
Gorgoil for the sounds

**ONLY TESTED on 2.2.1**
1.   Posted by lildemon   2019-03-06 14:09    

can i get that civic in the picture please

2.   Posted by Ej1Richie201   2019-03-07 00:50    

its wonderful to revisit this mod, just a suggestion but i think a radiator add on is just whats this is missing!

iirc i think an old version had a rad with oil pan i think

3.   Posted by Luke23_32   2019-03-07 19:38    

What is the civic in the pics? Is it vip or what?

4.   Posted by moesr20ve   2019-03-09 07:38    

says alternator missing but i clearly installed it, please help :headbang:

5.   Posted by KorbenDallas   2019-05-15 21:18    

moesr20ve , just replace block.cfg taken from a similar engine series kHonda in dl section

6.   Posted by Megav0us   2019-06-01 23:26    

Is there a way i can adjust the time it revs ? Because i hit the gas a little bit and it revs for like half a minute :D Even when i put it in gear and break, it still does that

7.   Posted by kennyevo   2019-07-29 10:45    

This engine doesn't show up in 2.3.1, is there a way to make it work? (would be nice to put it in an S2000 :D)

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