The Dodge neon is relased

the mod include 2 chassis :

it has a lot of rice parts,(you can rice it like F&F era)
it also includes racing parts and 3 front swaps

3d work and script by me(ccp)

minor update 10-2019
+fixed flap on the coupe hood
+Improved glass texture

it take me a lot of time to do it
i hope you enjoy it
1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2019-03-15 20:59    


nice job tho!

2.   Posted by joaovitorss   2019-03-16 00:32    

lol,looks a original SLR car... nice job !

3.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2019-03-16 15:05    

Viper face swap all the cars

4.   Posted by TheOne10118   2019-03-22 02:53    

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good meme

5.   Posted by BurnDrifter   2019-03-25 18:13    

:)) :)) :))

6.   Posted by Hisao_Nakaii   2019-04-18 16:53    

"i have seen god, and he has forsaken us..." -Benjamin Franklin

other than that, it's actually well scripted, albeit most of the parts are like a few inches off of their intended location.

7.   Posted by tairaud   2019-05-03 15:52    

the game crashed

8.   Posted by nosracng   2019-05-07 23:48    

low poly beauty o___o

9.   Posted by Nucleak   2019-06-20 21:11    

the game crashed
Maybe send the error message you got?

10.   Posted by Steve90k   2019-07-26 21:49    

It's not possible to install this becuase it doesn't tell you where to instal the neon rims folder and file. Game crashed when trying to buy the chassis in the game - ver 2.3.1

11.   Posted by ccp   2019-07-29 09:53    

Rims on /parts folder .
The neon folder and neon.rpk on cars/racers
i didnt test on 2.3.1

12.   Posted by Thememe0693   2019-09-12 05:19    

:RICE: i think is a little bit ricer .-.

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