Sounds from Gran Turismo 2-4

Hey! Are you sick of the outdated loud not cool sounds of SLRR in the menu and garage?

I got sick of them being burned deep into my brain so I put new ones. This mod brings you menu sounds and music from Gran Turismo 2 and 3 as well as menu and garage music from Gran Turismo 4!! I recommended to lower the effects/music volume for a better experience.

If you would like an even more immersive experience I've added Menu and Garage music from Gran Turismo 4

1.   Posted by Renaruto   2019-04-28 13:08    

OKAY THATS SO COOL <33 Thanks a lot

2.   Posted by SegaDaniel   2019-04-28 16:50    

I love this

3.   Posted by DROMSTER   2019-04-29 06:33    

You've just returned me into my childhood, thanks a lot

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