This mod has Fiat Marea's models, and derivates.

Its 19 models with Bravo, Brava, Marea(phase I & II) and Marea Weekend.
Exists many parts, but attention for dashes. They re putting in some specifics models, check compatibility before buy.
These models received a special attention for some details that will be seen on game.
Maybe must create new carrer if happen crash.

Fiat Marea Pack by Kick Buttowski. Enjoy!

1.   Posted by menoplz   2019-08-20 23:45    

I can't defuse that bomb <3

2.   Posted by ccp   2019-08-21 12:32    

Nice,low poly but it has all the diferent versions, yust need some stock rims

3.   Posted by SafeTroper78   2019-09-06 15:43    

this bomb comes with a I5 engine?

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