Hey guys our SLRR 2.4.0 Discord server is now online!

There we are going to post everything related to SLRR 2.4.0 update, if you wanna follow closely the project join it, and you will see everything in first hand.

click here or in the image to go to our Discord
1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2019-09-02 19:08    

That's a huge to-do you have there

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2019-09-03 11:42    

why split it out to yet another place? keep it in the forums, update the members etc.. easiest and tidiest way of working.

3.   Posted by gorgoil   2019-09-03 16:41    

Not the easiest, and its a mess to post here like, in these forums like VS or GOM(old one) we can't have things well placed as we have here in our discord server, and creating a discord server is way easier than creating a new forum or site...

4.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2019-09-03 22:51    

That's bull shit.. splitting it out only causes confusion you think you're right by doing your own special thing but you end up breaking up the ting community even more. Which is ridiculous and should not be done.

5.   Posted by Franco   2019-09-17 20:04    

agreed with jc.... its not hard at all create posts, hell we can even make a section for this if its needed, i find discord way more confusing

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